10 Easy Ways to Save LPG

10 Easy Ways to Save LPG

With the rising prices of LPG, it is essential for every family to think of the ways of saving cooking gas. In some countries, the government has limited the number of cylinders a family can get in a year. Therefore, it is essential for the households to use as many techniques to save on the LPG.

Wipe the utensils

People wash the cooking pans, put them on the stove and turn the burner on to dry them. Wet cooking utensils take more heat to dry before you put the raw materials in them. It is better to wipe the utensils before you put them on the burner. Wiping the cooking essentials can help save some gas that is required to dry them before cooking.

Keep the raw materials ready

Before you turn on the stove, keep all the raw materials ready for cooking a recipe. Usually, people put the pressure cooker or frying pan on the stove and turn it on while cutting making the materials available. Cut all the vegetables, and collect all the things like sauces and spices before turning on the stove. Doing this waste a lot of cooking gas as the gas is used only for the time of cooking.

Use the pressure cooker

Foods take less time to cook in a pressure cooker. If you don’t use a pressure cooker, start using it for faster cooking and saving the LPG gas. Most of the households have pressure cookers, but people use it for cooking only a few types of foods. You can use it to prepare as many kinds of foods like curries and pulses. Less cooking time means less consumption of gas.

Cover while cooking

Foods cook faster when covered with a lid or plate. When you prepare the meals in the cooking pans, they take less time and use less gas for cooking. Make sure you set the burner on a low flame while cooking with covered utensils, otherwise the food may spill out of the utensil due to excessive pressure.

Try cooking on low flame

Some people keep the flame on high throughout the cooking process. It cooks faster but wastes a lot of cooking gas. It is better to slow down the fire once the water in your food starts boiling and cover the meal with a lid. Your food will take a few extra minutes to cook but save a significant amount of LPG.

Bring frozen items to room temperature

The frozen items take heat and time to attain the room temperature before cooking. If you put them directly on the gas stove, they consume plenty of gas to come to the room temperature. Take the frozen items out of the freezer at least one hour before cooking, so that they get sufficient time to attain the room temperature. Doing this will save LPG and any other fuel you use for cooking.

Soak before cooking

The foods like nuts and pulses take more time to cook than vegetables. Soak the foods like legumes in water for 10 to 12 hours before cooking, Soaking in water soften these foods, and they take less time for cooking. Less cooking time leads to less consumption of gas.

Keep your stove and burner clean

If your burner has food spills, it will not burn the gas properly, which leads to wastage of cooking gas. Burners blocked with spilt foods radiate a yellow coloured light. If you see a yellow flame on your stove, open the gas-burner and clean it using a cleaner. If it emits a blue fire, it means that your burner is clean. Keeping the stove clean is a way of saving the cooking gas.

Use moderate water in meals

Some people put a lot of water in the foods while cooking and cook for a longer time to evaporate the excess water. Using excess water wastes a lot of cooking gas. It is best to use a moderate amount of water for cooking. If the water evaporates before the food is cooked, you can add some more water, but it will save the wastage of gas due to access water.

Keep your LPG equipment in good condition

The outdated LPG equipment like worn tube or regulator can lead to leakages and wastage of cooking gas. If your regulator, gas tube or burners are worn, replace them with the new ones to maintain the efficiency of gas. If you have large LPG-burners, replace your stove with small size burners. Small gas-burners are more efficient than large burners.

Final Words

Any family can use these ways to save LPG while cooking. Using the techniques given in this post will also save you a lot of money as your LPG cylinder will last longer than before. Taking care of little things that people usually ignore, can save the cooking gas for any household. Plus Gas offers a best gas suppliers hatton vale.

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