3 terrific ways to deliver First-class Live Chat Support Experience

At the present time, customers have several choices in terms of support mediums as they can avail desired solutions via telephone, email, live chat, etc. Usually, ‘Generation X’ gives preference to traditional support mediums that include telephone and email whereas millennial customers often prefer to avail solution through digital mediums like live chat and social media.

Interestingly, live chat support medium has emerged as a platform that is on everyone’s lips. If industry reports are anything to go by, 42% of customers select live chat as their preferred medium to avail support service. Furthermore, live chat support channel secures CSAT score up to 73%.

However, delivering first-class live chat support experience isn’t an easy-peasy task, therefore, business owners contact a reputed outsourced call centre to handle live chat support requests. But there are some companies, especially small ones that prefer to handle live chat support queries on their own. Owing to some minor mistakes, they often end up delivering an average live chat support experience.

By writing this article, we are going to talk about 3 terrific ways that would definitely help businesses (that run an in-house call centre) in delivering top-notch live chat support experience.

Quality is more vital than the speed 

‘Speedy resolution’ is the major reason behind why customers are giving live chat support medium more preference. Therefore, businesses that handle customer service department by themselves generally tell their support agents to increase the typing speed during live chat sessions. From the business’s point of view, this move seems appropriate.

But sometimes high typing speed leads to issues related to grammar, spelling, etc. Consequently, this decreases the quality of solutions, which makes a negative impact on customer satisfaction and results in the deliverance of poor live chat support experience. This can enhance the odds of negative WOM and customer defection.

Therefore, it is significant for business owners to understand that faster conclusion is important, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of quality of customer service.

Want to know how a reputed outsourced call centre decreases chat durations without compromising the quality of support service? Here’re some factors that you should be knowing:

  • Live chat support agents get trained to use canned messages effectively.
  • Customer service reps are told to stick to the point during live chat interactions.
  • Typing indicator gets integrated to agents’ system as it can help to save a significant amount of time.

Attentiveness is fundamental

To deliver splendid support experience on live chat support channel or any other medium, it is significant to stay attentive during customer interactions. This factor is fundamental to meet customers’ basic needs that include better assistance, quality solutions, etc.

Generally, businesses fail to deliver because their in-house support agents don’t read chat subject lines carefully. This may sound like a small mistake, but believe us, it isn’t. Oftentimes, customers mention about their issues in the subject fields, therefore, if support agents read chat subjects properly before getting involved in an interaction, the deliverance of outstanding live chat support experience is more likely to be on the cards.

Another benefit of reading chat subject lines cautiously is that agents would get great help in reducing the length of chat durations, which consequently, leads to better management of customer service queries. So, it should be safe to say that attentiveness is paramount to deliver phenomenal support experience.

Stay away from passive writing

Do you know how incredible support experience can be delivered? ‘By simply personalising the interaction.’ This factor can really do wonders because assisting customers in a customised manner often enhance the quality of support experience.

Moreover, whenever customers initiate a support interaction, they often want agents to assist in a personalised manner as this makes the former feel valued. However, live chat interactions cannot be personalised by writing passive sentences. The major reason behind this is that passive writing makes the conversation less personable and empathising.

Apart from that, passive writing makes simple sentences complex, and that can frustrate customers while understanding the received resolution. That’s why every recognised outsourced call centre instructs live chat support agents to use passive voice as less as possible while writing.

Hence, if you really want to give your customers an amazing live chat support experience, instruct your in-house support agents to stay away from the passive writing.

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