4 Most Wanted Gifts to Make Your Husband Happy

I can describe my husband with three simple words- foodie, traveller and sports person. He loves to spend his weekends or holidays by not sitting at home and lying on the sofa watching television. What makes him happy and excited is to go around, taking a long bike ride or playing his favourite sport- football! So, whenever I plan to surprise him, I need to think in these ways.

On this valentines’ day when everyone is planning to buy best valentine gift for husband, I am falling apart! I have decided to surprise him in a flattering way. Hope my ideas can also help you to find some of your own to surprise your love on this special day.


My ways to surprise him

Cake of his favourite flavour

My husband loves to enjoy his favourite desserts. Imagine a situation when he is very angry, or very upset, if gets his favourite flavoured cake or his brands of chocolates, woo… he can forget everything surrounding him. He will only enjoy his dessert. I have ordered online his favourite brands of chocolates and got an innovative recipe from the internet to prepare and decorate a white forest cake for him (it’s his desired flavour of cake!). You can also try something similar for your hubby.

Flowers that delight him

White is my husband’s favourite colour and he is a nature lover too. Though he is not passionate about decorating home with fresh flowers but if I do so for him, he never forgets to appreciate me for the same. I will buy a gorgeous but sober arrangement of white carnations, white orchids and white Asiatic lilies for him to present him along with my white forest cake. He will be delighted I know.

Family video to watch

He is a true family person and since we need to stay apart from our parents due to our works, I know he misses his parents and his siblings a lot. I had asked all of our family members to share small videos of them saying some words for both of us. They all happily did the same. Now I just need to combine those videos and merge them into a single video. My planning is to play the video in front of him on Valentine’s Day. It’s just irresistible for me to watch his expressions!

 His favourite recorded match

He loves to play football and watching too. He never misses to watch a single match of ‘Liverpool’, as it is his favourite football team. After coming back late from office, he still gets courage for watching the late night football league matches every week! I have downloaded from the internet a few Liverpool matches, which were great victories for them. I will combine them in a DVD as a most wanted valentine gift to him.

I hope the discussion above is sure to give some ideas for getting valentine gifts for your husband. The best idea is to use your own instincts for identifying what your beloved like to have on any special day.

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