5 Benefits of Progressive Apps

Progressive Web Application (PWA) development is one of the most exciting fields in the IT space, both in emerging IT hubs like Florida as well as the traditional IT destinations like Silicon Valley. Rolled out by Google in 2015, these new-age applications put the best features of web and mobile apps into a single package. It is believed that these hybrid apps have all the potentials to revolutionize the digital world. Think it to be an exaggeration? Here is why PWAs are much more than a fad:Benefits of the Hybrid

PWAs are created with the help of traditional website development techniques, but when put into action, they behave like mobile apps. The result? Consumers enjoy an app-like experience when they access a site through browsers. The embedded browser-based program allows it to access the Cache and Push APIs. These apps can easily be fitted into your home screen. The browser-based program lets youuse the app offline and receive push notifications.

Ease of Deployment

Sometimes, installing apps becomes too much of a hassle. You tap and tap and tap to pass all the steps simply to get the app on your home screen. Slow Internet further adds to the challenge. PWAs leverage the web ecosystem and plugins to allow you to find and download the app with Google search and through URL addresses. They are also easy to maintain than native applications that are available in several app stores.

Offline Access Through Service Workers

PWAs have translated the concept of ‘service workers’ into reality. These event-driven scripts work independently from a web page and allow you to access the features on a page without connecting to the Internet. They also make those features available that do not require user interactions. As the backbone of these applications, the service workers enable PWAs to provide scores of offline functionalities including content caching, push notifications, and background updates.

So how do these apps make all these happen?

The sites containing PWAs offer users an option called ‘Allow.’ Upon clicking on this button, the website gets the permission to send notifications and updates to the user when the person is no longer on the page. All it takes is a single tap to add a website to your homepage. Thanks to its link-adding feature, the app will allow you to directly go from the home screen to the app through the cached pages.

Enhanced Experience

Who wants to use an app that keeps on loading for infinity? No one. Whatever device one uses to access an application or site, a user expects it to load quickly. With the PWA, you will enjoy the benefit of speed even if you access a site through web browsers. What is more? The next time you return to the page, it loads instantly. Thus, no more worries over slow networks spoiling the user experience, as the service workers are there to load data instantly, even when the network speed is far from satisfactory.

Beneficial Both Users and Developers

Both users and developers vouch for the efficiency of PWA. While PWA saves users a visit to the app store for app installations, developers can bypass the approval process that is a standard procedure for launching an app in app stores.

These were only a few reasons why we think progressive web app development is a hit in Florida and other IT hubs across the USA. A growing number of organizations are embracing them to leverage their amazing array of offline features. If you are an entrepreneur, consider adding this feature to your business website to gain a competitive advantage.

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