5 Benefits of Using a Whole-House Dehumidifier in Your Florida Home

You know how uncomfortable a house in Florida can get for the most part of the year. Yes, you have an air conditioning (AC) system installed so that you can be comfortable indoors on a hot and humid day. But is that the only solution you plan to have? Hope not. You must also include a whole-house dehumidifier that operates with your HVAC unit for more comfort. It goes without saying that your heating and cooling system should be up and running to make the dehumidifier work. In case it starts to malfunction, you must hire an AC repair expert in Largo to ensure that it functions with maximum efficiency simultaneously with the dehumidifier for increased comfort and better indoor air quality. Here are the five most important benefits of the same:

1. Prevents Moisture Damage

With high humidity levels, the excess moisture will damage your entire house, walls, furniture, roof, and ceilings. The moisture will eventually lead to structural issues over the years, and if left unattended, the water buildup will lead to mold and mildew development as well as excessive deterioration and warping. Consequently, your home will lose its strength over time. So, if you find that your wallpaper or paint is flaking, the ceilings or walls have developed unusual stains, or you are greeted with a musty odor in the rooms, you need a dehumidifier along with your AC to avoid expensive repairs.

2. Keeps the Humidity Under Control

While your HVAC system helps in cooling the rooms, it also checks the moisture levels in the house. But this is only possible when your cooling machine is switched on. A whole-house dehumidifier not only removes the excess moisture but also works when your AC is off. You will need it in situations when the temperature is moderate, but the humidity level is high.

3. Takes the Excess Load Off Your Unit

Since Florida experiences a long spell of hot and humid conditions, homeowners need to keep their AC on continuously. Running the system for hours may wear out some of its components over time. Your AC will need to cycle to reduce the moisture level continuously. It may lead to untimely failure and expensive repairs. Too much humidity can also make the coils freeze. When you have a dehumidifier installed, the device will prevent the overflow of water in the condensate drain so that the indoor coils do not freeze. In other words, a dehumidifier will take the additional load off your HVAC unit and let it function at an optimal level.

4. Prevents Allergies

Dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and dust mites are allergy triggers, and humid conditions lead to the rapid development of these allergens. The places in your home, especially the bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms, where the water use is high while the airflow is not that great, are more susceptible to allergens which may spread throughout your home. A whole-house dehumidifier will control the moisture level, improve indoor air quality, and prevent the growth of certain viruses and bacteria.

5. Saves Your Energy Bills

A whole-house dehumidifier cuts back on your monthly power bills because it helps your HVAC system work efficiently. Dehumidifying machines that come with energy stars save more electricity than the ordinary ones. In fact, they consume 15 percent less power to operate even on hot, humid days. You can also reduce your utility bills by keeping the thermostat temperature higher with the dehumidifier working, keeping your rooms cooler with reduced moisture levels.

Get in touch with an AC repair expert in Largo who is experienced in whole-house dehumidifiers as well. A dehumidifier will keep the indoor air clean and fresh and prevent allergies, keeping your family safe and healthy.

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