5 trends to rule the social media platform of today!

Creating an online presence these days is a must for any business. People across the globe are engaged in online transaction making it essential for companies to achieve their marketing endeavours over the web. The world of internet is so vast that you’re open to many different platforms but which one’s most effective? While interviewing different business owners, unanimous answer was Social Media.

Back in 2014, total number of social media users was about 1.79 billion and by end of 2018, the count is expected to mount 3.44 billion. If this happens, there’ll be no other major marketing platform in near future and tides are already taking a turn. Every year brings new trends to social media and with 2018 just round the corner; it’s time to sneak peek into some of the most anticipated ones.

  • Going mobile

The trend started a few years back and is bound to continue in 2015 onwards. With smart devices going viral, people are inclined to access internet on the go while number of mobile users growing rapidly. Many dedicated website like Facebook, Twitter and many others have turned mobile-friendly. Briefly, social media and technology goes hand-in-hand with numerous other apps are expected to emerge.

  • Images make an impression

Picture speaks a thousand words!” the old saying definitely holds true as results prove users are more responsive to image advertisements. Interactive pictures are the best source of communication and utilized extensively among audience to understand the message. Latest features like 3D and moving gifs further instil life into a simple image. Also, visual content is far easier to remember and following this notion, companies in 2018 are anticipated to use more pictures rather than their text-based counterparts.

  • Rise of LinkedIn & Instagram

Google’s frequent algorithm updates and the impact on SEO pose a serious threat to online businesses. Realising the fact and to avoid getting possible penalties, websites like LinkedIn and Instagram are taking effective measures being the most popular social platforms. LinkedIn has already targeted a large B2B audience whereas Instagram is all for B2C communication.

The success graph will keep ascending as Instagram will be used more for sharing videos and many big-time companies showed their intention to joining LinkedIn. Website administrators should adapt to the changing online trends and continue leveraging benefits offered.

  • Short video clips

One maybe pestered by short marketing video that suddenly pops up on a certain website or automatically resume in the side menu! But little do you know that visual content has a major impact in social media marketing so the trend isn’t going anytime sooner. Short clips are likely to emerge as new communication models in near future so you can say 2015 is going to be a testing year; perhaps! Companies are already marketing their products and services using the tool, reaching a large audience in short time.

  • Real-time marketing

Social media is also great form companies to connect directly with their customers and other business entities. The concept refers to real-time marketing and it’s going to be much more popular in the following year. Brands need to be more uniform in their activities while responding ASAP to incoming queries and comments from end user. Still, a more prudent approach is must to remain connected with audience on regular basis.


Much is expected to happen in 2018 and as a leading digital agency; Traffic Digital manages social media like a pro with the best team bearing years of industrial expertise.

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