Do you know what makes RVs so popular among vacationers? Its home-like comfort. A perfect rig gives you a comfy feeling irrespective of your destination or the type of the terrain.  When it comes to vacationing in an RV, personalization ensures the maximum relaxation. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a used motor home for sale soon, first, learn how to personalize it.

Invest in Mood Lighting

Before hitting the road, spend some time to find out the right lights for your motor home. It will go a long way to give you a cozy feeling. Replacing the old halogens with LEDs is a smart way to get a warm feel. You will also be happy to see the LEDs  using only one tenth of the power that the old lights used to consume. Sometimes, you can use candles and tea-lights to create a romantic ambiance. However, to stay safe, place the tea-lights in a closed container. However, if you are too concerned about the flame, bring some battery-operated LED candles. These candles are flameless and so, completely safe.

Add Some Scent

A rig becomes a home when it is free of any strange odor. Use incense stick or cone to create a home-like ambiance in minutes. Also, fill up empty corners with flower vases, and throw in some scented crystals, plug-ins and cones all over your RV. These items are easily available in the market. Find out the variety that does not need any power, but makes the RV interior smell amazing throughout the day.

Upgrade the Bed

After driving for the entire day, all you would crave is a comfy bed to lie down. For the optimum comfort, switch to a foam mattress. Unlike traditional RV mattresses, the foam mattresses are easy to bend. Replace those sleeping bags that are typically used for camping, with zippered beddings. These large units will give you the exact feel of sleeping in a regular bed. Their removable inner sheet will allow you to wash them anytime –  an advantage you won’t get from regular sleeping bags.

Bring Essential Appliances

You can use an array of appliances to make your RV vacation more fun. Let’s consider laundry, one of the everyday chores you cannot skip even when you are on vacation.  Some RVers use public Laundromats for washing clothes or simply hand wash them. However, washing and drying clothes every day in the rig becomes easier when you use an on-board washer and dryer combo. All you need to do is, just push a button to get the laundry done.

A water purifier is another item worth an investment. A quality water purifier can purify the water from lakes, streams and any other sources and keep you protected from  the water-borne diseases.

Have a Personal Space

Sharing a small enclosed area with your partner and kids may seem hectic sometimes. Thus, the experienced RVers recommend carving out a personal space that every individual including you kids can use in turn.

Creating a personal space on the rig can be as simple as placing a chair at a secluded place where you can read for some time or your kids can have their tryst with sketchbooks or tabs. No matter how small the private space is, make sure there is some boundary so that an individual can enjoy some ‘me time’.

Thanks to a growing number of RV websites, finding a well-maintained used motor home for sale by a private owner is not at all difficult today. But don’t stop just there; add your personal touch to make the newly bought unit  comfy. Follow our tips while enhancing your coach with essential items and get a hassle-free RV experience.


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