7 Tips to make an Outbound Telemarketing Campaign Successful

Contrary to the popular belief, outbound telemarketing is indeed the most persuasive business tactic to make an organization grow. The motivating aspect is that the strategy need not be aggressive and it does not push the client to be submissive either. If you as a business owner wants to devise a persuasive telemarketing tactic to make your company grow, then you require to leverage on the value proposition you provide to your customers and prospects.

For the same, a number of outbound telemarketing companies are now offering the best of services to various businesses across the globe. Before we approach further, let’s see the distinction points between telemarketing and telesales.

Telesales is specifically focused on opening and closing business deal over the telephone. On the other hand, telemarketing is considered as a gateway to multiple opportunities. Telemarketing can be utilized to conduct market research or can be used to gather precise data to plan & execute marketing strategies accordingly.

Let’s have a gander at the tips that can make your outbound telemarketing campaign a huge successful:

1.    Should have a pathway

Prior to execution of your outbound campaign, you must have a clarity on what objective you are targeting. For instance, if you want to acquire the e-mail addresses of the customers/prospects, you may be able to get these from the very first point of contact on the phone. Another example would be if you want to interact with a decision maker, you have to make the first conversation (and maybe second) persuasive enough to get through.

2.    Own a script

As soon as you have decided on a bottom line, you require to jot down a small script or set of scripts (with various possibilities and situations). Let see an example of a script you may         need when you require customer’s/prospect’s email addresses.

“Hi, my name is John. I’m calling from brand agency XYZ. I had like to send your marketing manager an introductory e-mail about what kind of services we offer and other details. Could you help with the concern person’s e-mail address and name please?”

It is important to understand that the script is just the guide that shows you a way to conduct in the first half of your call only. No agent should practice the script ideally as the slight modification is required for customers to customers. The script just helps the agents to resume their conversation in case they get stuck.

3.    Speak clearly and softly

Outbound telemarketing companies employ agents that are highly trained. An in-house expert might get nervous on the first call, which, in turn, can lead to the lousy customer experience. These agents sometimes follow the script too much overlooking the manner in which customer can receive the message you are trying to convey.

The telemarketing agents hence ensure to converse in a soft and precise manner, understanding each aspect of customer’s grievance thoroughly.

4.    Be ready to interact

It is very much possible that the customer on the other end is going to ask a bunch of questions to the telemarketing experts. As a telemarketing professional, you must be ready to converse about the pain-points of the customers of any degree.

5.    Brace yourself to hear a “NO”

Unfortunately, customers/prospects are going to be rude to you when you try to reach them for telemarketing purpose. You should at all-time hold your cool no matter what happens. This is what is the true recognition of a telemarketing agent is. To understand and digest this aspect just think from the customer’s perception too. You cannot say yes all the time, right?

6.    Dealing with the gatekeepers

Receptionists at organizations are generally told to not put calls through to managers or directors. Quite often, these professionals also refuse to provide any sort of information over the phone call. For the telemarketers who get stuck at the gatekeeper after trying a number of times, here are the two business tactics to follow:

  • Give a call before the business is open or half an hour after closing time. Receptionists often work in the business hours, but the managers and directors usually work earlier and later than usually working duration.
  • Another way is to seek assistance from someone at a lower position in the company’s hierarchy. For instance, you can always ask for help from help desk agents. The help desk experts feel happy helping as it is in their job responsibility.

7.    Conclude the call politely

It doesn’t matter if you attained what you wanted or you failed, always make sure to thank the other person on the phone. Generally, a telemarketer takes numerous calls to accomplish the desired goal. The thing that will be reminded by the customers/prospects will be how politely you conversed. Nevertheless, pioneering outbound telemarketing companies train their agents to be polite during the entire conversation itself.

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