9 ideas for elegant outdoor parties

Throwing an outdoor party is super fun. Outdoor parties are more spontaneous, colourful, and high spirited as compared to the indoor parties. Outdoor parties are simple and can be really entertaining if you include some outdoor games. If the weather is supportive then you have nothing else to worry about. Here are some tips that can make the outdoor parties more fun for you.

  1. Make picnic inspired invitations

The first impression of your party is the invitation. It is important that you keep in mind the theme of the party before finalizing the invitation. Handmade invitations are perfect for the outdoor party. Have mini baskets sent out with the invites. It would set the tone for the beautiful day. The guests would be expecting such cute baskets in the party as well and a mood for the party would be set before that.

  1. Have fun outdoor activities

When the guests start coming in you need to keep interacting with them. Since it is an outdoor party, there are several ways you can make the party interesting. You can have competitions, fun rides, to keep both adults and kids engaged.

  1. Serve a signature drink

Every season has a master drink. Like lemonade for the summer. Give a twist o the drink, add some fruits, serve them in fancy cups or glasses. The food ethics and the decorations would reflect the attention you have paid to the party. It would speak about your efforts and give a good impression of yours to the guests.

  1. Decorate with candles

Nothing can beat the simplicity and the elegance of lit candles. Imagine, Beautiful sitting arrangement in the garden, under the moon lit sky, candles burning on the tables and on the sides.What would you think, elegant, right. Its beautiful, relaxing and the easiest way to plan an outdoor party. For a day party, you can have copper lanterns and flowers along with the candles.

  1. Create a simple buffet

Its an outdoor party, you have no other thing to fit into the decoration but the buffet. The key to arrange a perfect buffet is add some colour and shape. The kind of cloth you use for buffet table, the dishes you choose everything matters. If its a kids party, have funky crockery, if its an elegant party for adults, choose simple glass dishes.

  1. Serve small quantities

Outdoor parties stretch longer than the indoor parties. It is important to make sure that your guests feel attended throughout the party. Have small bites every now and then. Its better to have easy bites in a summer afternoon. It will keep the guests full and yet quite energetic.

  1. Have a nice display for drinks

As said earlier,how you display the food plays an important role, specially at an outdoor party. Its summer, people would get thirsty, you don’t want to run after them offering them drinks. Instead, you can have a special corner for drinks. They can be arranged beautifully and people would love to help themselves with the drink and also have friendly talks around the table.

  1. Decorate with flowers

Summer party decorations are the prettiest. A mix of roses, blackberry stems, so many flowers blossom during the season. A bouquet of such beautiful flowers in a vase as a centerpiece on the table are all you need to decorate the venue.

  1. Rent a tent

The sun might be too hot, or it might start raining, anything can happen. Its always better to take precautions for the outdoor parties. Arrange a sitting under the tent just in case. There are many places you can contact for chair hire in London. It is better to keep precautions than let rain destroy your perfect summer afternoon with your friends.

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