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A List of Important Jobs for Veterans

In this post, we will discuss some good jobs for veterans that will help them earn extra bucks and also contribute to the company.

  1. Software Applications Developer – They fix, develop and improve the computer programs that help the users to various sets of tasks like playing games on the pc and mobiles, chatting with people through different application software, etc. They work as a software developer, software architect, application developer, application integration engineer or software development engineer. The average salary one earns $102,280, and there is a twenty-four percent job growth in the next ten years.
  2. First line Supervisor: Administrative and Office Workers – The supervisors look after the administrative support and clerical workers. Most of the firms need these supervisors for running the office and take care of the daily work. They work as office supervisor, accounting manager, customer service manager, accounts payable supervisor, office coordinator, office manager and administrative supervisor.  The average salary is $54, 340 and there is two to four percent job growth in the next ten years.
  3.  Sales Account Representative – This personnel sells various services and products to consumers, government agencies, business firms, etc. The military people need to bring their motivation, dedication, and mission-focus on the table so that the stakeholders can get a new experience by using the products. They work as Director of Sales, Sales Representative, Account Manager, Inside Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Account Executive, and Account Development Manager.  The salary of personnel depends upon selling the products like one associated with manufacturing and wholesale technical products he/she earns $78,980 per annum. People related to manufacturing and wholesale excluding technical devices one makes $57,140 annually. Services include $52,590, and there is a growth of five to fourteen percent growth in this sector for the next ten years.
  4. Cyber Security Analyst – These experts job is to shield an organization’s computer network. They are always on their toes and try their best to be one step ahead of the cyber invaders. This job has enormous demand all across the globe and is one of the best overseas jobs for veterans in the private and government sectors. The demand for these jobs is increasing day by day. They work as an Information Security Officer, Data Security Administrator, Information Security Specialist, Information Security Manager, Information Technology Security Analyst, etc. their annual salary on an average is $92, 600 and the job growth is a whopping twenty eight percent in the next ten years.
  5. Human Resources Manager – These managers look after a company’s hiring, recruiting and administrative functions and they are the backbone for the functioning of an organization.   They work as Director of Human Resources, Vice President of Human Resources, Employee Relations Manager, and Employee Benefits Manager.  They earn $106,910 on an average basis. There is a nine percent growth in the next ten years.
  6. Electrician – These guys maintain and fix electrical wiring, equipment in factories, businesses, and homes. They work as the maintenance electrician, inside wireman, journeyman wireman, industrial electrician, qualified craft worker, etc. Their annual salary is $52, 720 and studies show that there is nine percent job growth in the next ten years.

Being a veteran is perhaps a boring way to lead life for some, but if you are able to find a job, then you can say goodbye to staying at home only.

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