Advice for Capturing Customer Data with CRM Tools

Acquiring accurate and detailed customer data is one of the key functions of CRM tools. CRM software allows for the automated and scalable data capturing, regardless of what industry you’re operating in.

Good quality data helps with targeted marketing, which promotes profitable customer relationships to be forged. However, to take full advantage of a CRM system, the approach to capturing customer data must follow certain rules. To learn what these rules are, take the time to read the remainder of this article.

Set guidelines

To avoid duplication of data, acronyms or abbreviations should be used. CRM software is effective at spotting duplicates, but it helps if you can avoid them altogether. CRM software has a lot of functionality regarding the guidelines that can be set for the data capture process. It’s a process that can be continually monitored with the aim of improving the quality of data capture.

Continuity and compliance

Once the rules for the data capture have been established, it’s an excellent idea to ensure every relevant employee knows about them. Create a form that must be read and signed, which indicates that the employees have read and understood the guidelines.

For continuity, ensure that every employee is using the same tools for data capture. This reduces the number of instances where duplicate or out-dated information is entered.

Make use of the available tools

A CRM system might have a feature where the phone number of the customer can be located from the address. If the feature is present in your CRM system, then take advantage of it. Also take the time to familiarize yourself with all the different tools at your disposal. You’ll only be able to take full advantage of CRM tools once you know what functions are there.

Customer transactions must be tracked

By making use of loyalty reward programs, you can track customers when they execute a transaction. Such programs offer reward codes, coupons, discounts or some other type of marketing code.

These codes can be used to track the customer and acquire data regarding the nature of their transactions. Once you understand their buying patterns, you can increase the accuracy of your targeting campaigns.

Get new customers to sign up

The act of a customer signing up for an account gives you the potential to acquire a lot of useful data. An e-mail address is the most important piece of data as it provides a pathway for constant communication. However, you must not take this for granted, because if the customer gets frustrated they always have the option to unsubscribe from the email list.

You can encourage new customers to sign up for a free account by offering a free ebook, discounts or other attractive offers. During the sign up process you can ask a number of questions so that the CRM system acquires new data.

Identify new data capture opportunities

When you get creative, there are different ways of data capturing. Open sources like Facebook and Twitter are just a few options. These are the opportunities to also add a layer of depth to the already acquired data.

Real-time data validation

An effective CRM system like bpm’online can check that the data has been entered correctly as soon as it is acquired. Real-time data checking means the customer can be prompted to fix the mistake before the incorrect data is stored in the CRM system.

Importance of avoiding incorrect data capturing

Incorrect data leads to inefficiencies, confusion and possibly decreasing the quality of the customer relationship management.

Before starting the data capture process you must develop a strategy of how the data will be used. This feeds back into the capture process, because you’ll know what data must be captured to meet objectives.


The tips above for capturing customer data are relevant for the majority of CRM systems out there. CRM tools give you the flexibility to use this data to meet customer relationship and marketing objectives. However, when the data is not correctly captured it can create problems.

Take the time to ensure that each tip is implemented in your CRM setup. Visit the official site of bpm’online for an example of industry leading CRM tools.

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