Attention All Millennials: Audi Becomes Popular Among Young Professionals in the US

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German Auto Center came into being just a few years after Audi made an entry into the U.S market. Over the years, the automaker has managed to gain its foothold, earn respect in the luxury market and finally gained momentum that is nothing short of extraordinary. The significant increase in Audi ownership in the Greensboro and the latest figures from the company simply prove it’s a worldwide trend.

Audi is celebrating its 11th consecutive year of record sales, and in recent times the company had its 54th consecutive month of record sales in the U.S. In 2010 Audi achieved a milestone of selling 100, 000 vehicles in the U.S. and it has not slowed down one bit. Recently the company announced its plan to boost its annual sales goal from 1.4 million to 1.5 million vehicle worldwide.

To step the vehicle up, the company made not only an enormous investment but also focused in an intense way on the design of the cars to make sure that they stand out on the road. It changed the look and the proportions of the vehicles and added things that significantly appeal to the consumers. According to Scott Keogh, Audi’s U.S. CEO, Audi has the most affluent consumer for the most part, and they do have the youngest consumer.

As for A3, Audi slogan remains “stay uncomprimised.” Audi is trying to emphasize that its new entry level model is a no-compromises luxury car. Another reason for the slogan is to resonate with “a generation that refuses to settle or sell out,” as the party plan puts it.

The Eurobahn experts Audi Greensboro interact with Audi owners on a daily basis. So, who is it buying all these luxury German vehicles?

In the U.S. Audi has embraced its young market. In 2014 Scott Keogh told Forbes that 50% of their customers belong to Gen X and Gen Y age groups. He finds this decidedly younger demographic to be a great thing for the company, especially now that more adults are working their way into the luxury auto market.

Here goes a list of 7 top reasons why Audi is a great choice for your professionals that are looking for a luxury vehicle in the market.

Affordable Luxury Compared to the Competition:

Despite the significant rise of average price point, Audis have always been considered affordable in terms of luxury compared to their competitors. Be it Audi A3Cabriolet or Audi A3 Sedan, most of the Audi vehicles include luxury, comfort and drive, amongst many others. Seductively styled, classy, and elegant, Audi vehicles are supremely adorned with all the features and amenities you’ve come to expect from Audi.

Stylish Without Being Overdone:

Audi has invested a lot into research and development in recent years, and it shows. What tells Audi apart from its competitors is it attractive but conservative styling. However, the company is starting to step things up with elegant models that command the road with its supreme style and performance.

Reliability and Value:

When it comes to starting a family or buying a home, reliability and value are deemed two major factors that need to be taken into consideration, and it’s a big plus for Audi. Since their arrival in the market, Audis have been able to maintain their reliability and value pretty well.

Thoroughly Modern and Young Design:

With its sheer design and style, Audi has taken the young hearts by storm, and in recent years the company has been designing more models with this age group in mind. They offer marvelous quality, the latest tech gadgets, and styling inside and out that will make the young, modern generation swoon over it.

Great Selection of Entry Level Models:

The luxury market is crowded with a great selection of entry level models. The S4 and S5 are the company’s flagship entry level models, and now the Q3 has become a top seller among young buyers.

Audi Offers a Great Mix of Power, Performance, & Practicality:

Many Audis are dynamic enough satisfy people’s need for speed, but they are not over-the-top. This helps the vehicles appeal to a much wider base of buyers that like the idea of having a turbo charged car that’s still practical for everyday driving.

It’s Earned the Respect of the Luxury Market:

Initially, Audi stumbled upon in the luxury market to make an impression. But those days of early struggles are gone. Over the years, Audi has unveiled a good number of all-new models that are supremely adorned with stylish features and high-end technologies.

Overall, Audis are impressive. However, the most reliable vehicle often goes to garage if not rightly treated with regular maintenance and repair. Take the vehicle to the nearby Audi Greensboro NC for performance enhancements and keep it in top condition for less than the dealership.

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