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Banana Plants Cultivation In Polybags Through Tissue Culture Method

What are the nursery polybags exactly?

Gardening by using poly bag can set up by two unique strategies. The trunk can be planted in the bag and the graft permitted to create until they get ready for gardening. In the other strategy, seeds which are germinated are planted in nursery poly bags and opened flower when five to a half-year-old. Nursery poly bag plants are propelled planting materials which add to decrease in youthfulness period.

Propagation of banana plants by Vegetative Method:

The cultivation method of banana generally done in the month of Sept/Oct or in the May/June.
Banana which is used for commercial and marketing purpose generally are seedless. In the olden days even now it can be produced or cultivated by the traditional vegetable method. Actually banana has the underground stem which bears many buds. Each and every bud under the ground sprouted and form a new stem. They are known as daughter plants and the main stem is treated as mom plant. These daughter plants have the leaves in the shaping of the sword from the initial stage. When mom plant is cut, they can be distracted from the soil and kept in a cool and dry area for the rest for 1.5 to 2 months. In this period healthy and good qualities of leaves are selected and remaining part is removed. Now, these banana plants are prepared for the fields.

Tissue Culture method for cultivation of Banana:

In current scenario Banana plants are also be propagated by the tissue culture method which is very burning technology for producing a large quantity and quality production of banana. In this method normally the leaves of banana plants which are free from diseases are chosen for applying in the polybags or pots.

The dirt utilized for filling the polybags ought to have great supplement maintenance for root improvement and tie the roots tightly with the earth to avoid harm. Soils with the dirt surface, great and perfect for this reason. For settling the polybags, the maximum soil is filled in the hole between them. The difference between these holes is 10 cm approx. The rest of the soil is mounted around the bags. These soil filled polybags can be kept in the plant nursery in the ground also.

In both methods, watering ought to be done not long after applying biofertilizers or jaiv uravark to it. Watering should be possible physically in plant nurseries such as Banana Nursery, Almond nursery but an excess of watering ought to be evaded to avoid water logging. This can be caused damaged to the plants.In tissue culture method the tissue of the banana plant is tested under the tube or flask in which diseases free plants are selected for farming. After these tissue culture technique, a measurement can be done for the quality production. In an initial stage, these banana plants are kept in the shaded area and as soon as they get strong this shade is removed. Around six weeks later, there is no need to put plants on the shaded area. Now, these plants can be shifted into the field for the farming purpose.

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