Benefits of Human Hair Extensions


Hair extensions and wigs may be made of synthetic fiber. But human hair is most sought after as it is easier for styling and looks natural.

If you have a thinning hair line and don not decide on hair transplants human hair extensions are the next best alternative. Those who suffer from alopecia may consider using wigs made of human hair. But human hair extensions can be used for purpose of looking fashionable. Also, people who want to hide awful hair cuts may use extensions made of human hair instead of synthetic hair.

Remy human hair is sourced from donors from different continents and countries. Remy hair is prized for its flexibility and resilience. To overcome damage, cuticles of the hair are preserved and so it lasts longer than synthetic hair. But because of these qualities, wigs and extensions made of human hair are much more expensive than synthetic hair.

Synthetic wigs and extensions may be cheaper but they are harder to deal with and may be damaged easily. Hence human hair is the popular choice for stylists and customers. They are used for different styles like human hair braid extensions.

Here are some reasons for using human hair for wigs and extensions:

  • Easy to style:

Human hair can be treated, permed, curled and straightened. It can be also colored to a shade that matches the color of your natural hair. The reason is that the cuticles of the hair used in extensions are not stripped of during manufacturing. Such hair extensions are very durable and continue to look natural after long use

  • Easy to clean:

As opposed to synthetic hair, it is possible to wash and care for natural human hair easily. This is the main reason for the popularity of human hair in the industry. Customers often say that such hair extensions feel like natural hair. If properly taken care of and maintained, human hair will not become frizzy and will last long.

  • Come in varieties:

Remy human hair is sourced from donors from different parts of the world and so you have wide choice to select hair extensions that match your natural hair. One can choose from Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Mongolian, European and Asian varieties of Remy hair extensions. All of them look supple, sleek and smooth. Experts recommend that you use hair extensions that match your ethnicity.

  • Are perfectly aligned:

Human hair wigs and extensions are aligned perfectly for your styling needs. Hence you need not fear stray hair. Human hair extensions have perfect bounce, volume and feel of authentic hair. This is the reason why they are more expensive than synthetic hair.

  • Add volume:

Volume is trending nowadays and human hair extensions provide this valuable quality. They will not only cover split-ends but enhance your current hair body, adding volume. Your hair will look healthy, luminous and vibrant.

  • Braiding:

Human hair can also be used for attractive braiding. Human hair is suited to create hair extensions for braids. There are three types of braids: straight real hair braids (Asian and European), wavy hair for braiding, and tight coiled extensions for braids (African American).

Human hair can be cared for, styled, treated and dyed just akin to your natural hair. Though initial costs are high, investing in human hair pays off in the long run. This is because they look natural and last for a long time.

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