Car Maintenance and Servicing Checklist that You Must Consider

Since we all know that the car is sophisticated yet an expensive machine, it must be looked after. Our vehicles are comprised of many complex systems that usually depend on each other on order to work effectively. Just like the human body, cars also have some need that must be fulfilled. Every car needs regular attention as well as maintenance and that’s exactly what enhances its longevity. So here’s the car maintenance checklist that you must consider. Let’s dive in;

Oil Change

You must be aware of that service indicator that come on when your car needs oil to be changed. The car oils must be changed after ever 3000 miles or 3 months depending on your drive. The oil light will come on if it exceeds either mileage suggestions or recommended date and it will show up on your oil sticker on the wind shield. It’s almost a red alert if you notice a sludge in the engine and it starts to make noise. Therefore, just make sure to take your car to the Kia Service to get the oil replaced before the engine temperature runs hot.

Tire Rotation

When is the last time you got your car tires rotated? According to the manufacturers’ recommendation, it’s really important to get your car tires rotated after every 6000 miles or 6 months. Seriously, you can’t take any chances with this since tires are the only connecting medium between your car and the road. In case you aren’t able to get it rotated somehow or maybe you procrastinate, you will notice and uneven wear on your car tire. Honestly, this might get you into even bigger expense that you don’t usually prefer. Therefore, to avoid these huge financial burdens, get your car tires rotated as per the suggestions.

Air Conditioning Service

According to the manufacturers’ recommendation, the air condition of your car must be serviced once a year or after every 15000 miles. Get it done from some reliable station like Kia Service. If you don’t get it serviced as per the suggested guideline, it will not sufficiently cool your car. Ironically, it would start impacting other important components of your car like Engine. It will overhead your car engine. Moreover, you will start to hear annoying noise from the engine compartment or vent when the AC is on. Last yet most irritating one, there would be an odor coming out of your AC vent. So what’s your plan now?

Wheel Alignment

Car manufacturers recommend that you must get your wheels aligned once a year or after every 15000 miles. How would you determine that your car wheels need to get aligned? If you hit the pothole or curb really hard and it badly shakes the whole car, it’s time for the wheel alignment. Moreover, problems like the encountering steering problems, misbalanced steering wheel when car is moving straight and excessive noise from the car tire are the major indications as well.


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