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Care To Take For Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Dental care is becoming a priority among people as well as kids. Parents are becoming aware of core benefits of maintaining a good oral hygiene and keeping teeth healthy of their children as well theirs. Your baby might be hitting milestones every day, but it’s time to add one more winning in your baby book of memories.

The apt time to take your kid to the dentist is when you are able to see the first tooth but not later than the first birthday. Some of you would be thinking, why so early? Shouldn’t the baby get more time? If you wait for long after incoming of the first tooth, your kid might catch cavities. As a parent, if today you become active about your child’s dental health, tomorrow he or she will be able to live a healthy life with a pearly white smile.

Tips to Prepare You and Your Baby

Here are some tips which can help you out in preparing your kid for the first visit to the dentist:

  1. Always start early as it can help your kid develop a good habit of visiting dentists and never feeling hesitant.
  2. Talk to your kid about the visit and tell what’s going to happen the whole time.
  3. Keep your talk short with your child as more information may lead to more questions.
  4. Be positive while explaining things about the dentist and procedure. Avoid words like hurt and pain. Instead use words like strong teeth, clean, healthy, etc.
  5. Make cute stories like “they will count your teeth” or “they are going to remove sugar bugs”.

Now, here are some points to prepare yourself:

  1. If lack of knowledge occurs, start watching videos and reading books on your kid’s first dental visit as it may help feel confident and fearless.
  2. Do not feel hesitant in asking for other child patient’s forms before making an appointment.
  3. Rushing in filling up the forms should be avoided as it’s the case of your kid’s oral health.
  4. Make a list of questions you are going to ask. In case, your kid is sucking thumb or teething, the dentist can give the best advice.

Expectations from The Visit

Whenever you hear expectations, a phrase appears in your mind i.e. “Expectations lead to disappointments.” But that’s not the case in taking your child for a dental checkup for the first time.

The dentist will inspect your kid’s teeth to make sure both teeth and jaw are developing in the right way as they should. In case, you child is not comfortable – or doesn’t want to – or is not able to sit in the chair alone, you will have to sit on the chair with your kid on your lap. The dentist will go through the teeth of your child whether there are any cavities or injuries or any other issue.

How to Make the Visit Great?

  1. Make sure your kid is not hungry during the visit. For that, your child should have a light meal and brush his or her teeth before the appointment.
  2. Never disturb your child in naptime. In its place, consider a time when your child is cooperative and well-rested.
  3. Try to make the visit like a happening trip. Never let your kid feel upset or anxiety.
  4. Do not give snacks before the visit as it can make your kid’s teeth dirty for the examination.

Your kid is most important for you in your life. Similarly, prioritize your child’s dental health and keep it on top of the list. Find the best dentist Greenpoint who is specialized in treating most of the dental problems.



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