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Cherish Your Friendship! 5 Tips To Make Your Friendship Day Very Special This Year!

When was the last time you had a blast with your friends?

Can you imagine a life without friends? Absolutely not!

Friends are the biggest price possession for any person. According to The Holy Bible, there is no such love greater than a friendship. When it comes to friends, anyone close to you can be your friend. Your old classmate, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, sister, brother, teacher, mother, father or any person who is sharing a special bond with you can be your friend. Friendship is above all other friendships.  Or it has also been said that a relationship started with a friendship can be more successful.

Friendship day is coming soon! This is the best day to celebrate friendship and recall all the old memories together. On this day, you can actually thank your friends for being there in your life.

A big question, where the friendship day originated from?

The first ever world’s friendship day was proposed by the WorldFrienship Crusade for 30 July in 1958. And after this in 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations announced 30 July as International friendship day. But in some of the countries like India, friendship day is celebrated on the friend Sunday of the month of August. This day is celebrated in the honor of all the friends in this world.

Importance of friendship in our life

In 2017, I think the real meaning of friendship has lost somewhere. ‘Friend’, such a small word but has a deep importance in your life. Our entire life revolves around our close friends. We all have friends in our life but there are few persons to whom we actually connect as the best friends. We go through various ups and downs in our life, but a friend is someone who is always standing next to you even in your difficult time when we find ourselves alone. To keep this spirit high and alive in the world, friendship day celebrated all over the world. On this day, people buy friendship day gift for a girlfriend, boyfriend, classmates, and other friends.

Here are some tips which can help to have a blast on this friendship day.

  1. Party hard

Friendship day is a great chance to have a small reunion of your old friends. You can plan a small party at your home or to your favorite place in the city. Invite your old friends and have a blast!

  1. A night plan

On this day, you can plan a night out with your best friends. You can invite them for sleepover to your home. Spend your night by recalling all the old memories you all have spent together and cherish your friendship.

  1. Handmade friendship bands

Either you can buy friendship band via online shopping or go to the nearest shop.

  1. Plan vacations

Go on vacations with your friends to a destination you all have dreamt of. Search the best hotel to stay there. Plan some adventurous things to do.

  1. Camping trip

If you and your friends are adventurous kind of persons, then you can plan a great camping trip all together.

These tips can definitely help you to make this day memorable. Cherish your friendships! And love your friends!

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