Choose the wisely striking tool

Almost all general contractors, tradesmen, and handymen have an inclination as to the kind of hammer they utilize as they undertake any project to work on. The hammer is the device that is much required while going for the certain type of jobs in different industries. People frequently pick various kinds of hammers on the basis of work like demolishing, building, or finishing. Maybe, you would have already chosen a favorite hammer for various tasks; here it is preferred to share a few benefits of utilizing a titanium hammer in place of steel hammer.

Some reasons for titanium hammer over steel hammer 

Titanium hammers are light in weight and easy to utilize

A titanium hammer tends to be very light as compared to a steel hammer. As a result, you may drive a nail in very quickly because you do not happen to swing an extremely heavy hammer. It will take only a few swings by using a titanium hammer due to the transfer of rate of energy. Consequently, you will not feel too much tired rapidly as it would be by making use of a steel hammer. In case you are not convinced to believe all this, undertake a small experiment with one such hammer and the results will reveal everything. Then surely go for hammer online shop to affirm the truth.


Titanium hammers are provided with holding slits along with claws as are found in steel hammers. So, you are not needed to sacrifice those small services in case you choose to utilize a titanium hammer. It is known to all the energy and time used to recover any crooked nails and nail them in with the help of a hammer. Therefore, buy hammer made of titanium to make your task easy.

Transmit energy very efficiently 

Above it was discussed how a person is capable of swinging any titanium hammer less frequently in comparison to a steel hammer and his work is still done rapidly. The reason working behind it is that you shall be placing ninety – seven percent energy produced by hammer swing as you happen to pound a nail in. As you make use of a steel hammer, merely seventy percent of the energy generated by hammer swing is placed on the nail. 

Handle material choices

In case you go for a titanium hammer, you may not be required to be anxious about leaving the preferred hammer handle. Titanium hammers have got three kinds of handles which may take in thermoplastic rubber, wood, and fiberglass handles. It completely depends on what kind of handle you are going to pick for the titanium hammer that is best suited to your comfort.

In case you have not utilized the titanium hammer before, use anyone and notice the distinction yourself. You will be astonished and think why it did not occur you to utilize it long before. Perhaps, you will choose to make use of your old steel hammer once again but pick tools that you are comfortable with.

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