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Undoubtedly, outsourcing has become the most important part of every business. Today, probably, there’s nobody who isn’t aware of this term. Businesses are happily delegating their non-core or extraneous tasks to a third-party service provider so that they focus on core competencies and work more toward improving organization’s growth.

Nobody wants to take the burden of any extra task that isn’t so important yet, very much required for business growth. And, hence, everybody is taking steps toward outsourcing. But one can’t deny a fact that everything comes with a risk, regardless of whatever purpose it is implemented and made for. However, they can be overcome if you follow the correct steps.

Business outsourcing companies not only ease some of your tasks and let you concentrate on core processes but they also content your customers with a wonderful experience, which, in turn, will help in business growth.

But since there would be many BPO companies providing a plethora of services, how will you find which is best suited for you? Or how would you know that what tasks you need to delegate? And, what benefits you will get if you outsource? What if you set up your own in-house call center?

Likewise, there may be other questions too that you might be wondering. But let me start with whether or not you should build an in-house call center.

Is setting an in-house call center recommendable?

IMHO, No. As I said, if you own a business, you already have so many tasks to look over and to invest in. Now, you can’t afford to invest in any extraneous task that would be time-consuming as well. Setting an in-house call center will demand new staffs, then training them, an extra office space, new software, and tools required for the same etc. All these will require an extensive investment which I am sure you won’t like to invest. Therefore, if you are thinking to create an in-house call center then you must drop the idea.

Benefits of outsourcing to Business Outsourcing Companies

  • The first and most considered benefit that every business and organization seek for is the cost-effective option. Yes, you just need to invest a little capital and you will get most out of it. Call centers have a team of agents who are well-trained and are experts in certain fields and that’s what makes them deliver the best customer experiences to your patrons.
  • Highly skilled and proficient staffs are required to run the business successful. You may already have the required staffs working in your organization but those would be expert in the field they are hired for and not in customer handling. So, BPO companies give you agents highly skilled, experienced, and proficient in customer handling.
  • The foremost thing patrons seek from you when they get connected with your business is the best customer experience. And, that’s only possible when you offer them a better product or service with better resolution to their queries related to your offerings. As we know that agents working at call centers have rich experience in customer handling so they are very good at offering the best customer experiences.

What task should you outsource?

Choosing what to outsource is one of the very critical tasks for many businesses. Today, business process outsourcing companies have extended their reach to many industries and are, therefore, offering various services that businesses can avail. If you’re a small business, then you must outsource some of these technical tasks to call centers-

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Cloud hosting
  • Website updates
  • E-commerce site design
  • Website optimization
  • Cybersecurity
  • Two-factor authentication
  • QA testing
  • Projects outside your scope of expertise

Many backend tasks such as data handling, data analysis, human resources, finances, and accounting etc. can also be outsourced.

How to find which call center is best-suited for your business?

It’s quite necessary to find out if the service provider that you have chosen is the best option for your business or not. So how will you identify? Below, I have enlisted some questions that you must your service providers when you approach them.

  • If they provide inbound or outbound or both the services?
  • Whether the chosen provider is international or U.S based call center?
  • If they provide shared or dedicated agents?
  • Do they have a single-point-of-contact?
  • What’s your anticipated call volume? (as it’s important for pricing)
  • Do they offer multilingual services?
  • How do they handle outages?

Depending on your needs you can decide which call center is best suited for your business.

Final words

IMHO, every business should outsource some of its tasks to the outsourcing companies so as to spend more time on improving the products or services and hence, the organization’s growth.

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