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Dawn of a new era in the field of Data Science

The world that we see today is undergoing a constant change as technology is getting more intimately involved in our lives. Looking behind at the turn of the twenty first century we can hardly recognize the technologies we used to die for back in those days. Forbes says that now we create around 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data every day and about ninety percent data created by us was in last two years.

Let’s take a look how far we have come!

  • In 1992 the WREN model disk drive by Seagate had a capacity of around 1200 Megabytes and had price tag of 1949 US$. In 2018 a disk drive manufactured by Seagate can carry 4Terabytes of data and costs around 94 US$.
  • According to Intel there were around 2 billion devices in 2006 which interacted with each other and the humans (Internet of Things), in 2015 it was about 15 billion and it is projected that within 2020 we will have 200 billion such objects.
  • 44billion Gigabytes of data was created per day in 2016. In 2025 the number is expected to grow to 463 billion Gigabytes per day!

How it has affected the field of data science

With the explosion of data, the role of data analysts and more specifically the role data scientists has changed forever. It has become quite a challenging task to unravel big data sets and arrive at useful conclusions. Mining data and then understanding complex behaviors or spotting useful trends has become all the more difficult.  However, business enterprises cannot overlook any data lest they leave out something important.

Almost 70 percent of world leaders now rely heavily on their team of data scientists to bring out hidden insights so that path breaking decisions can be taken. And the data scientists did stand up to the task and pitched in cutting edge technologies with Data visualization, Logistic Regression and Cross Validation.

Lack of trained professionals!

There is a huge requirement for Data scientists in the market. A recent Big data panel hosted by Hack/reduce in Boston saw that almost all the speakers spoke of the insufficient number of trained individuals. No doubt that in 2012 a Harvard Business Review article dubbed the job of data scientist as the sexiest job of 21st century.

What a career as a data scientist offers?

  • A good career prospect.

As the industry needs more data scientists and there shall be no lack of job openings in the near future.

  • Diverse options

Did you know that data scientists are an integral part of formula one racing teams as well as the greatest football clubs?

  • Staying important in the hybrid work culture

Being a data scientist you can relax through the disruption in the job market due to automation.

Whether you are a student or an IT or ITES professional, it is a good idea for you to venture into the world of data science and analytics. Data science courses in Delhi and Bangalore can come really handy. It is better not to waste any time at all.

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