Devices required for making connections smooth and easy

A number of small devices and equipments are needed for making power connections at your home or office or big industries. They may range from cables and cable joints to generators and inverters.  Also over the years, there is advancement in technologies which help one to have a better and easier replacement of the former device and equipments. One of these was the important technology of cold shrink which was an alternative to the traditional heat shrink technology. Both the technologies when applied might look the same from outside, but they vary in their installation techniques, application and most importantly its physical properties.

Cold shrink tubes provide a better water tight fitting and have greater UV resistance and therefore are better for outdoor uses and in the exposed environment. There are lots of areas where the cold is a tough time for any material, and in such situation, this can be the best option for the users. It offers better mechanical protection and has better resistance to heating as well as various chemicals. The cost to install the cold shrink cables is higher than the old heat shrink cables, but as these kits can withstand temperature which is below ninety degree Celsius, it is worth to spend on the quality of the kit.

The device: Cold Shrink Cable Joints and Mechanical Connectors and lugs.

To connect the cables with each other, and for making a continuous, uninterrupted connection, one need cable joints which are devices that join one cable to the other. The cold shrink cable joints are used to connect cold shrink cables, and they are available on the internet or in regular electric shops. The cable joints depend on the width and size of the cables, and these joints can be used for 3.3 KV to 33 KV cables. The cold shrink cable joints feature a semiconductive electrode which offers a faster and a consistent installation option. The cables joints similar to the cold shrink cables are non-flammable and ensure a water tight link.


The mechanical connectors and lugs are for underground cables used at terminations to connect the cable to the electric box on one side and the power connection at the desired place on the other side. The mechanical shear bolt lugs are reliable offering a consistent connection with a smooth sheering. No special tools are specifically required to make the connections. These lug nuts are common tools used for terminating an electrical conductor. The mechanical lugs are usually made up of copper or aluminum and are of three types: the plain type, the sight hole type, and the connector type. Mechanical wires are used in case of big cable wires, and these copper connectors also prevent accidents like fire and electrocution.

How to procure these devices?

These devices can be bought from the regular electrical shops nearby or bought online. Compare the brands and prices of the products before you buy them and make sure that they fit the international standards and quality to ensure better safety.

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