Dianabol cycle planning

Dianabol is one of the most popular steroids also referred commonly as Dbol which is used as an effective anabolic steroid by bodybuilders.Dianabol is used as bulking agent which will increase muscle mass and maximize strength and speed by cutting fat and gives ripped physique appearance. It is suggestive to take Dianabol cycles of up to six weeks for best results.

Dosages and cycles

To start a dianabol cycle one should need to know a base of supplements to be used as stacks with dianabol to get a maximum benefits.

The supplement should be natural testosterone booster for the beginner’s the dianabol and natural testosterone combination will be sufficient

To retain stable blood concentration levelwhich increases after work outs it is best advised to take dosages by splitting up their course of the day

Dosage is advised as to take a tablet with meal three times daily, while work out. It is beneficiary to take 30 to 40 minutes before any work out. The length of the cycle depends on one’s size,gender and tolerance.

Common type dose of dianabol is 30-50mg each day for the preferred dianabol cycles of up to six weeks. 20-30mg doses would also be effective for beginners aiming great gains of muscle and strength while restricting possible side effects.

Between the cycles, it is important for beginner to take some time off or halt a steroid to see the required results without gaining more mass by taking unnecessary medication.

So, beginners are advised to take 3-4 weeks off between 6-8 weeks cycles and 2-3 weeks off between 3-6 weeks cycles. Experienced or advanced users may even jump to higher dosage, where the muscle and strength gain goes to peak and results in severe side effects.

Many starters prefer to take dianabol as standalone without any supplement which indeed well for first cycles. Advanced users use dianabol steroid by stacking with other supplements for mass cycles while they follow high calorie and nutrient rich diet and proper training.

Testosterone dianabol cycle and decaduro dianabol cycle are some popular cycles

  • If it is dianabol only cycle it tends 4-6 weeks and dianabol daily
  • In testosterone dianabol cycle ,it has 6-8 week cycle having dianabol 20-25mg daily and testosterone of 500mg taken on weekly basis
  • In decaduro dianabol cycle, it has 3-6 weeks and dianabol 50mg taken daily and 200mg Deca used on weekly basis.

Dianabol cycle side effects

There are some side effects which can be ceased whenever dianabol is stopped, but when in long run dianabol is used it causes severe damage to liver. So user should be careful while choosing dosage and cycles.

Side effects differ from one person to another because of the different body chemistry and size. Some are of those are:

  • Hepatotoxic
  • High blood pressure
  • Aggressiveness
  • Androgenic effects like acne , oily skin, baldness

Due to some estrogenic effects users are advised to add anti estrogen drug to their cycle

Water retention is common and causes weight gain in users and they appear like moon faced, apparently have bloated look but this can be ceased once steroid is stopped.

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