Difference and similarities between technical support & help desk call center

If you ask people the difference between a technical support and a help desk, I am sure, most of the people will answer that both are one and the same. But that’s true. Help desk and technical support call center have many similar characteristics, but they do differ from each other. And, that’s what I am here to discuss.

There are quite ordinary, yet a few differences between both the services. Both of the divisions answer queries from customers and fix their technical problems in the least possible time. But it doesn’t mean that you can interchange both the term. So what’s the difference? Let’s find out.

Difference between technical support and help desk

A few aspects that isolate technical support and help desk call center from each other are their certain duties and nature of customers they deal with. Let’s see what they are-

Nature of customer

  • Technical support call center: A call center mainly assists people outside the organization, or you can better say it answers the service request of the customers.
  • Help desk call center: Help desk offers services to mostly employees working within the organization. However, it isn’t just limited to that. It also provides assistance to people outside the organization.

Nature of responsibility

  • Technical support: It’s completely a product based service and hence, the agent must possess good technical knowledge. Technical support offers assistance for both software and hardware related issues.
  • Help Desk: It is not a product based service. Anybody who faces problem regarding operating software, troubleshooting network error, diagnosing etc. can approach to help desk. Help desks, generally, operate with software related issues.

Medium of communication

  • Help desk: Since help desk services are mostly provided within the organization, therefore, problems can be solved either on call or face-to-face.
  • Technical support: Most of the time, people receive technical support over the phone or through live chat.

Similarities and association with each other

Both of them can subsist within the same organization and require almost similar skills to deliver better customer services and technical support.

If organizations combine both the services together, then they can achieve better results. The productivity of the employees will never hamper due to constant and better assistance.

Technical support and help desk call center usa both require similar technical expertise. While an excellent communication skill isn’t the most important factor, technical skill is extremely important to solve major IT issues.

Sometimes, a help desk agent can help technical support reps to gain a vaster understanding of technology and can assist technical support agents to solve their customers’ issues that are beyond their expertise.

You might be thinking that when technical support is meant to solve technical problems then why they need assistance from the help desk. It is so because technical support is more inclined to providing product or service based solutions. So, agents working for technical support have knowledge that is limited to the product. In contrast, the help desk agents deal with various issues which are not limited to a certain product or service.

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