Different Excuses People Use to Not to Switch Energy Suppliers

I have a prepayment meter or Economy 7, so I can’t switch

It doesn’t matter whether you have a prepayment meter or not. You can easily get them changed to a standard credit meter – costs are lower and there are more suppliers to look over. Some suppliers can install a credit meter without charge, providing you pass a credit check, however others can turn on to £60 per meter. Usually you have to stick with the provider for a minimum of six months

If you’re fixed with a prepaid meter, you can still switch provider as long as you have got no over £500 of debt on the meter. Most giant suppliers can permit you to hitch them with up to £500 of debt however some smaller ones could have a lower limit.

To switch, go online to the switch sites or call on the customer service team of your energy supplier; eg EON Contact Number, if you are customer of EON. Many customers ought to save £100 a year by switch. EON has the most affordable deals for prepaid customers.

I will get the same level of services even after changing the supplier

The gas and electricity area unit equipped within the very same means via the grid, you’re just changing the company that will bill you and will imply the charges.

Customer service levels do vary tremendously however, in truth, once the switch is completed and you’re paying by direct debit, and you submit readings as requested, you’ll have very little to worry about misbehaving of your energy supplier

When (hopefully) you change the supplier once again after twelve months contract period, your new supplier will manage the changes. The recent amendments states that any change is ought to be completed in 2.5 weeks.

I won’t be saving much even after the change

S per a study, it’s been evaluated that there are around 10m family units on a standard plan; which clearly means that almost 95% of those families will be spared from paying huge bills by changing their suppliers, which again means a saving of up to £240 for an individual family which gets both of the utilities from the same supplier. And, if you are an owner of a huge property and have never changed your supplier, you can easily grab a whopping amount of saving deal of almost £450 a year – which is a countable figure, isn’t it?

Which Energy Supplier Should You Choose?

Most people looking for a far better deal are offered with a list of on-line tariffs – some from the large suppliers and some from the companies that they haven’t ever heard off. Your location and city in the UK will have an effect on the fact that which company is going to provide you with the most effective deal as electricity costs still vary in different regions. Furthermore, to get your hand on the most affordable deals, try to manage your account on-line and for online deals.

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