Discover East Iceland with Antigua Second Passport

“Iceland is all surrounded by the North Atlantic, a sparsely populated island and the crust that spews magma. Tourists flock to the place gazing at the natural wonders, discovering East Iceland with Antigua second passport”

Hemmed between the ocean and highlands in east of the country, it’s pretty much off-the-beaten track with stunning landscapes and peculiar towns worth exploring. Drive the chiselled fjords to experience trip of a lifetime and feel the serenity being in faraway corner of the world.

Sagas & forests of Iceland

A traveller’s first stop in the east is Egilsstaðir mostly because of the airport which is both functional and thrilling with a dozen accommodation, tourism and car hire options. Things get more interesting to the southern stretch of Lagarfljót; a narrow, long lake with stunning view and myth of a monster. At the eastern shore of the lake is Iceland’s biggest forest named Hallormsstaðaskógur that can be sailed as well as a perfect camping spot!

The Eastfjords road

Handful of roads bends through the valleys and over the crests into Eastfjords and the coast. Packs of reindeer seen here and across the country were originally introduced by the Norwegians in the 18th century. As you move further, the landscape gets more fascinating with views of the bays and coastal headlands. The sight of the ocean that stretches all the way to the Arctic and Norway is best explored with Antigua second passport. Wildlife is at its best here and mostly untouched by civilisation alongside the many myths and legends that appeals almost everyone.

Hilltop hikes & local culture

Seyðisfjörður is where the Faroes docks and a ferry service that connects Iceland with Denmark. This pleasant town was once a major herring port with unique and multi-coloured timber houses that were built by the merchants. Creative artists have settled here whereas the place is best to look for arts and handicrafts that you can take back as souvenirs. Hikers love exploring the waterfalls and a frozen lake with many options for mountain biking and kayaking.

The hilltop yoga & fish factory

The drive across southeast displays a much diverse picture of Iceland. The Reyðarfjörður gained fame through a television series Fortitude as well as an aluminium-smelting plant. The tiny Stöðvarfjörður farther down the coast underwent tremendous shifts mostly due to the fishing industry which is now home to artists and boasts a recording studio.

Breiðdalsvík is all peaceful and hub of the Tinna Adventure providing nascent explorers an opportunity to dig deeper into the eastern Iceland. The trip goes all the way to the waterfalls and out to the sea with steeped pathways and breath-taking views. The beautiful hills above the village are perfect for yoga with clean, fresh air and natural surroundings.

Head to the Highlands

Fly from Reykjavik to the East Iceland for a birds’ eye-view of the Highlands; a perfect stretch of river, icy capes, hills and bogs encompassing the entire country’s interior. Lots of tourism options with transportation are available as well as perfect accommodation.


Iceland is perhaps the best visa-free country to visit and explore on your Antigua second passport with places that seems to be untouched by industrialisation; all packs a punch of nature’s best!

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