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Doctors on Call for Your Primary Care Needs

The rise, the fall, and the rebirth

Prior to World War II, it was common for the doctors to visit their patients’ home to provide primary medical care. It was not uncommon for a physician wearing a white coat and holding a black bag of medicines and instruments pull up in his horse and buggy and treat his patients within their comfort of their homes. Later the scenario changed, when doctors developed group practices and as medical care expanded to include technology-based studies and specialty referrals, and thus the process became more hospital-centered.

However, recent data shows that there has been a revival in the physician house call services, with more patients, especially the elderly opting for this concierge service. Experts predict that the demand for house call physicians shall increase as the existing long-term care and assisted living infrastructure does not have the capacity for the increasing numbers of patients who require personalized medical home care.

The benefits

The concept of a healthcare providing medical care within the warmth of one’s home is noble especially when the patient is too old, fragile or weak to travel to the hospital. Patients, who need medical attention might be struggling to find transportation to the hospital, or may be too ill to physically visit the doctor’s office. The doctors on call service spare the long hours at the waiting room in front of the doctor’s office. This waiting can be dangerous in the case of infection-prone patients and patients with low immunity as they are placed in a room filled with sick people. The personalized care they receive in the warmth of their home, away from the coldness and graveness of the hospitals also promote healing and well-being among the patients.

Another interesting fact is that house call doctors are able to diagnose and treat patients in a more thorough and individual manner, without the thoughts of a long queue waiting in front of his office haunting him. Thus he gets ample time to analyze the existing medical conditions and learn more about the medical history of the patients to deliver the right treatment plan for the patient. The concierge doctor can even study the patient’s home environment and make sure it is not causing any trouble to the patients. For instance, a doctor might be able to identify the fluffy carpet near the patient’s bed that has been causing the recurrent asthmatic attacks.

How we are different

HOUSE CALL DOCS, the latest concierge service of HELP-source provide expert medical home care treatment for chronic diseases, sick visits, and periodic check-ups along with post-hospital care. HOUSE CALL DOCS also leverages electronic medical records to coordinate patient’s services for home health, with mobile imaging, mobile laboratory, durable medical equipment and specialist referrals. The service is reliable, available round the clock and provided by licensed and certified physicians.

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