Ferrari for Rent in Los Angeles – 6 Mistakes That Can Make It a Nightmare

Are you looking to rent a Ferrari in Los Angeles? You are definitely going to grab eyeballs wherever you go. But are you aware of the fact that for many renting such vehicles often turns into a nightmare or denies them what is known as value for money. So here are six mistakes that you should avoid while taking a Ferrari for rent in Los Angeles.

#1 Low Cost Is for Airlines Not for Ferrari Rental

While low-cost airlines may offer you value for money applying the same logic while taking a Ferrari for rent in Los Angeles may backfire. There are companies that attract you with low costs and rent out vehicles which should be in the junkyard. When you rent a Ferrari you don’t expect to drive a vehicle that is from the yesteryears or one that has undergone refurbishment after suffering extensive damage. Opt for companies that let you rent the latest models of the vehicle such as the 458 Italia, California T, and Ferrari 488 GTB. Ask them questions about the vehicles and it would make your choice easy.

#2 No Physical Inspection of the Vehicle

It pays to closely review any physical damage on the body of the vehicle or under the hood before you zoom your way out with the Ferrari. Failing to do so may result in having to pay for damages that may have been caused by one of the previous customers. Don’t take the words of the rental company saying that there is no damage on the vehicle as they won’t take your words at face value if there is any damage.

#3 Renting One From The Airport

If you are one of those who wants to get off from the flight and immediately sit behind the wheels of a Ferrari you should be ready to pay more. Convenience comes at a cost and car rental companies often need to charge you premium rates as they need to pay a hefty surcharge at these places. If you want value for money you should rent a vehicle elsewhere. And in the meanwhile try a shuttle or a taxi from the airport!

#4 Not Filling Gas By Yourself

When taking exotic cars for rent in Los Angeles many customers prefer to have the gas pre-filled by the rental companies as they consider it to be convenient. This is a great income opportunity for these companies as they would charge you premium rates for gas. They would have the tank full and won’t compensate you for the excess fuel that you leave behind while handing them the vehicle. Instead, choose companies that simply expect you to return the vehicle with the same fuel level as you had taken it out. Drive to the nearest gas station and fill based on your needs and return it to them with the same fuel level.

#5 Timing It Wrong

While this mistake won’t cost you the luxury or experience of driving the latest Ferrari on the road it can definitely cost you an additional day’s hiring charges. Most car rental companies charge their customers on a 24-hour basis and not timing it right may cost you more than what you would actually experience. For instance, if you rent a car Friday evening and return it on Saturday night you would have to pay hiring charges for two days for merely driving a few additional hours. Choosing rental companies that charge you on an hourly basis for few additional hours as it may be a better option.

#6 Yes, You Can Bargain

If you are under 25 years of age or would like your kids to drive around with the vehicle, rental companies would often charge higher rates. This is kind of an ‘inexperienced tax’ as they consider such drivers to be relatively risky behind the wheels. You agree to the extra fees even without asking them for stats that show the increased risk proposition. You must remember that such premium rates aren’t part of any Holy Book and you can definitely fight for the rates and rent the vehicle at normal rates. Give it a try and in most cases, it would work.

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