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Find out How to get Certified in the Cryptocurrency Sector

The cryptocurrency phenomenon has been there for a while now, however, since the invention on bitcoin, we are experiencing, what can be called as a crypto storm. Basically, cryptocurrency is under a major limelight today. It is due to the unparalleled growth in the value of bitcoin & market capitalization that a large number of people, regulators as well as law enforcement agencies are showing significant interest in cryptocurrency.

The success of bitcoin paved the way for a number of altcoins to follow. As each of them is trying to attain their part of the virtual economy. These developments have created great opportunities for people who are aspiring to build a career in Blockchain Technology. Though this field is related to Cryptocurrency, it has found its usage in other industries as well.

Ways to build a Career in Crypto

Education in Blockchain is still in its initial stages, however, gaining knowledge of Cryptocurrency on how it works & how steep is its demand is crucial at this time.

And to begin educating yourself on crypto, the first thing you can do is gather information about it through diverse sources –  watch videos on cryptocurrency, read books on it & explore several forums.

Also, you have to search for the potential careers that you can build after attaining learnings in Cryptocurrency. If you ask me, then I think, having a career in computer engineering, law & programming, and financial investigation are feasible to pursue after you are done with your Cryptocurrency Certification.

Earnings in the Cryptocurrency sector

It cannot be said for sure that Cryptocurrency is here to stay. As its market is highly volatile considering the facts like bitcoin & altcoins having a short history, government regulations against crypto & a number of hacking scandals taking place everywhere. Moreover, its underlying technology is a decentralized one which means that no single power can have an authority over this network.

If I talk about the Blockchain Technology, it is being used in a number of complex industries due to its excellent functionality. So, there is a pretty high demand for individuals who carry a decent level of expertise in this area. As per the data provided by Burning Glass Technologies, In the U.S.A., Blockchain development is considered to be the second highest skill that is demanded by employers.

Courses on Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology

  1. Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium

An organization based out of Toronto, Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium is offering three able cryptocurrency certification.

  1. Certified Bitcoin Professional

The course is designed to cover topics like basics of cryptography, mining, Bitcoin commerce, ledger-based economics and so on.

  1. Certified Bitcoin Experts

This is a highly technical course created for those who already hold knowledge of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.

  1. Certified Ethereum Developer

This program is an excellent choice for those trying to get their skills on Ethereum blockchain certified through an exam.

  1. Cryptocurrency Investment Professional

This certification is credentialed by Central Blockchain Council of America which is constructed to validate your knowledge of principles, concepts, applications as well as technologies for offering investment & financial advice to others.

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