Website Redesign

Five Fundamental Benefits of Redesigning a Website

“If you have to do something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

Do you remember, when was the last time you redesigned your website? If you haven’t redesigned in a while, you should seriously consider it to keep up with rapidly changing consumer online behavior patterns, technological changes, and search engine algorithms.

Website Redesign

So what has been stopping you from redesigning the site? Is it cost prohibitive or is it because you think that the site is doing well and does not require a redesign? Whatever your reasons, below are some website-specific problems that could adversely affect your website trustworthiness and eventually your online visibility:

  • If your website is too outdated and is not mobile responsive, Google algorithms will very likely push you down search engine ranking position (SERPs)
  • If your website content is misleading or incorrect or it lacks updated SEO you could be harming your site’s trustworthiness in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Most importantly, your users will be misled and you risk losing trust with them.
  • If your website is unable to project its unique value proposition and has a weak brand story that does not connect with your end audience, you could easily loose competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • If the website performance is poor, produces frequent errors and/or is not efficient at converting prospects, you could stand to gain tremendously by updating your website with search optimization and conversion rate optimization.

There is a saying that “Knowledge is Power”. Below are few tips that could help you with a website redesign.

  • Create unimpeachable trustworthiness in the eyes of search engines:

Can be done with: A blog that is frequently updated with rich content.

How does this help: Over last few years, Google’s algorithms have been updated to search for fresh and relevant content, frequency of content addition to the website, and how often people share it. Which means if you redesign your website by including great blogs and market your blog, it will help your website with higher rankings.

  • Spread the radius of exposure

Can be done with: Switching to a responsive site.

How does this help: Mobile web users have now strongly overtaken PC users and it is essential than ever to have a responsive site for your business. Responsive sites allow your website to be automatically resized to fit screens of any size, no matter what device it is being seen on, which can either be a hand size smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop monitor. Most recently, Google introduced the mobile first indexing, which means it will index your mobile site first. Use this mobile first indexing checklist to ensure your mobile site has all the requirements to support a solid mobile indexing.

  • Enhanced user experience:

Can be done with: A redesigned, re-arranged, simplified website.

How does this help: Though designing the website for visual appeal is one of the most important things that you could do with a site redesign but that design is worthless if your site isn’t accessible. That’s where user experience (UX) comes into play. As much as you want search engines to be awed by your page, your customers are human, and humans get frustrated when they find complicated processes.

A website redesign can improve your user experience by eliminating all the confusing visual clutter. By showing people exactly where to click, how to order, and how to contact you, with simple Call-to-Action buttons on the webpage, you can remove all possible obstacles that could drive your prospects to one of your competitors.

  • Improve page loading speed

Can be done with: An updated server.

How does this help: Google considers page loading time as one of the major ranking factors. When your site has an optimal server space, you can improve your load time by using the available bandwidth which means your customers will not have to wait as long for a site to load. This will keep your users happy and satisfied and will help you maintain your Google credibility.

  • Higher sales

Can be done with: By executing all the above points.

How does this help: We believe that customized, strategic, targeted website updates have the ability to grow your business. When you get down to it, a website redesign is all about getting in front of the right customers, drawing them in, getting them to stay, and turning them into fans who then become your brand advocates.

Author Bio:

Snigdha Mazumdar is a founder and owner of Webtage, a digital build + market firm that delivers digital experiences to drive top line growth and operational efficiencies. As the owner of Webtage, she has deep expertise in helping organizations launch, optimize, and grow their online presence by spearheading digital programs targeted to increasing revenue and maximizing returns on investment.

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