For what reason not to utilize word press or drupal for my business site

From time to time a client will solicit me what kind from the stage we use to make our ventures and the appropriate response is dependably the same, “We don’t utilize any stage to make any of our undertakings” and ordinarily the inquiry that takes after is: “The reason not to utilize WordPress”?

The issue is referred to ordinarily comes when those customers had reached our opposition and conversed with them about what they utilize and how their executions are made. The vast majority of the organizations that make and handle web architecture today needed to settle on the most proficient method to make their work the simplest and most practical for them, this does not mean they charge less for their work but rather it surely implies less work for them.

Give me a chance to clarify:


We have no specific issues against WordPress, Drupal, Magento or Open Cart – these frameworks do precisely what they are assumed to do and, to be reasonable, they complete an extraordinary activity at it. The issue accompanies your task and the organization you chose to make it. In the event that you need a blog to expound on anything that strikes a chord WordPress and Drupal will work impeccably for you, the same on the off chance that you need to make a trial shopping card as a place where you can set a couple of items and see what will the reaction of your customers be, here I’ll say get a duplicate of Magento or Open Cart or some other web-based business programming accessible on the web and put it all on the line.

Value versus Security and Stability.

Presently you will feel that possibly utilizing one of these organizations that utilizations free programming to make your task will spare you cash and that is a remark into thought. As I clarified before a large portion of our opposition uses and execute these free programming on their customers venture yet that does not mean you’ll spare cash since it is less demanding for them to make your undertaking. In light of an exploration produced using our fund office not as much as multi-month back, any organization utilizing these pre-influenced stages to make their undertakings to will charge from half to 100% more than what we charge for it.

Doesn’t sound so great right? All things considered, that is the rough reality of how the market is dealt with by numerous organizations with almost no learning on coding, and as in some other market (I guess…). These organizations will charge as much as they can for a similar activity, regardless of the extent of the activity or what you hope to utilize this task for, the arrangement will be dependable the same with a couple of modules added to it to make you upbeat.

Did you say security?

Indeed I did, and this is only one little case of my announcement; only a couple of days back something that has the capability of changing the status of a whole nation happened, I’m alluding to the Panama Papers Breach Issue, I’m certain you found out about it…The Panama Papers rupture is the biggest information spill in history by a wide edge, with 2.6 terabytes of information, 11.5 million reports, and in excess of 214,000 shell organizations uncovered.

Other than the Panama Papers outrage there are many… numerous illustrations online of hacked sites and information breaks in light of Word Press, Drupal, Magento, Open Cart and a greater amount of this kinda of programming.

How it’s this conceivable?

Try not to misunderstand me, basically every one of the general population required into the center of this undertakings zone incredible programming designers and specialists that made and keep making an awesome activity. The primary issue dwells on the modules and subjects added to them. A large number of the general population making these applications don’t have a decent establishment in programming and disregard excessively numerous points of interest that enable programmers to pick up and sequester access into these virtual products.

In view of that, let us take something different in thought, the greater part of the website architecture organizations that will offer you an answer in view of these products know the base expected to do what you need on it, and that is a major issue. They are chipping away at something they don’t profoundly comprehend or care to see, all in all, would you say you will proceed and extremely finished pay for an administration that anybody with a smidgen of information can do? Obviously not, you need your funds worth and your business very much spoke to…

Well… What would you be able to do?

My suggestion (I’m a Software Engineer with more than 25 years taking a shot at this field) is to consider what you require your site for before doing or searching for any organization to get it going. In light of that in the event that you need your site as a blog, where non essential and nonessential data can be set on the web, Word Press, Drupal or some other free CMS can take the necessary steps for you however in the event that you need a site that mirrors your organization, where security is required and something that speak to yourself to your potential clients online DO NOT permit anybody making your webpage utilize any of these CMSs, as demonstrated they can be perilous not far off while SAVING YOU NO MONEY to have them.

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