Fun Facts About Kashmir

Everyone knows that Kashmir is one of the crown jewels of India, as it is one of the most magnificent places in the world to visit, because of it’s natural beauty and serenity in the air of the place. But in this article I’m not going to talk about why to visit Kashmir or anything of the sort. I’m going to talk mainly about the facts of Kashmir which, surprisingly enough are not common knowledge. So here we go with some basic facts:

  1. Official Language of Kashmir is Urdu, judging by the fact that there is a massive percentage of Muslim population that resides there. Although the main spoken languages other than Urdu, are Kashmiri, Punjabi, Balti, Dadri, Pahari, and Ladakhi.
  2. Population as per 2011 census is 12.5 Million people, and the population rank is 9th in India.
  3. The sex ratio in Kashmir is 889 females, per 1000 male, as per the same 2011 census.
  4. The highest peak of Kashmir is the same as the second highest peak in the world, Mount K2, aka Godwin Austen.

These were some basic facts, some geographical facts of Jammu and Kashmir are what follow:

  1. Jammu and Kashmir shares it’s border with only 2 states in India, namely Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, and international borders with China, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  2. Length of the international border with Pakistan is 1,222 km and with China is 1,964 km, and Jammu and Kashmir forms the largest international border in India, with a grand total of 3,176 km.
  3. This area, as everyone probably knows, has always remained one that has a territorial conflict between India and Pakistan.
  4. Mount K2, or Godwin Austen is the highest peak of Kashmir, with a massive altitude of 8,611 m. This peak also happens to be the second highest peak in the world after the Mount Everest at 8,648 m.

Well there you have it, some of the facts of Kashmir. More about this in my next blog, where I’ll be talking about famous persons, History, and Social and Cultural facts.

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