Global Corporate Secretarial Services

In today’s global business environment, it is very important for a multi-national corporation to maintain control over its corporate secretarial activities and compliance requirements. For the organizations which expects more from their in-house legal functions it is important for them to know where their entity stands in the global market and how accurately their business decisions are being implemented in comparison with their competitors. Complying with the rules and regulation is crucial for a business to run smoothly in a global environment. Various procedural stages might be relevant to comply with the laws and regulations.

Failing to abide with the rules and regulations might put the performance of the company into danger. Hence, it is important for every company to take close attention to the compliance with the government for their business to function smoothly.

Corporate secretarial services include providing a registered office for the fund and dealing with all administration aspects, including arranging board and shareholder meetings and arranging for appropriate publications where legally required. Global Corporate Secretarial Services help the clients to manage their risks of corporate non-compliance.

Corporate Secretarial Services include:

  • Maintenance of Minutes Book, Statutory Registers, and all other prescribed secretarial records under the Companies Act, 2013.
  • Filing of Annual Return & Financial Statements with Registrar of Companies (“ROC”).
  • Assistance in holding & conducting Board Meeting, Annual General Meeting,  and  Extra-Ordinary General Meeting
  • Advisory on Corporate Laws & other Allied Laws/Acts.
  • Advisory Services on the constitution of Board of Directors, Independent Directors, women Directors, small shareholders Directors, Audit Committee etc.
  • Consolidation/sub-division of shares, share transfer and transmission, issue of shares certificates, dematerialization of shares, forfeiture of shares.
  • Compliances Relating to Limited Liability Partnership / Company i.e. Pvt. Ltd, Public Ltd, One Person Company (“OPC”) and Section 8 Company.
  • Obtaining Director Identification Number (“DIN”) and Digital Signature Certificate (“DSC”).
    Compliances relating to Managerial Remuneration.
  • Conversion of a Partnership Firm/ Limited Liability Partnerships (“LLP”) into a Company.
  • Compliances relating to Change of Name, Change of Objects, change of status from Public Ltd to Private Ltd and vice a versa.
  • Advisory services for implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act 2013.

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