Hand tools: Are they really important? How often do they come to use in our daily lives?

Imagining our lives without electricity in our homes becomes too hectic for us nowadays. Today our lives have become a sort of technical. From the moment we get up from our beds in the morning to the going back to the bed at night we are surrounded by the electronic machinery.

And undeniably we can all realize what sort of importance it holds in our daily life. But when we talk of hand tools, most of us would find it very less important or sometimes even not important at all. So let us once just think of our lives without any hand tools.

Thoughtfully looking into the matter can make one realize that the hand tools are the primary and basic needs of daily life. Just think of a house without a pair of scissors, pliers, knife, hammers, wrenches and such things. It is an irreplaceable invention by our origin which cannot ever be replaced by any invention in the future.

Origin of the hand tools

The origin of the hand tools was from the Stone Age. The first-hand tool for the man was a stone which was used for hammering and cutting. In the Bronze Age tools were all made by the copper and tin alloys as per the convenience and hence these tools were way durable and harder than the stone ones.

Later on in the Iron Age, the bronze was replaced as a base material by iron which made the tools even stronger and durable than those of the bronze ones. And thus by the time the tools of better versions than before were designed making the lives even easier and comfortable.

Categories of the hand tools

The hand tools are categorized into different kinds. A detailed account of the categorization is discussed as follows:

The first category of the hand tool is the hand-held power tools. These include the tools like disc cutter, battery torch wrench, and tile cutter, hammer drill, etc. The second category is the knives. The third one is the ladders. The next category is the mechanical hand tools like the hammers, axes scissors, pliers, etc. The category which falls next is the metalworking hand tools under which there are tools like drift pin, beam compass, etc.

The following category will be the hand spinning tools which includes the tools like spinning wheels, spindles, spinner weasels, etc. The last category of the hand tools is the Woodworking tools under which there are tools like the card-scrapper, clamps, crowbar, bow saw, bow drills, etc. The applications of the hand tools are numerous in our daily lives. Thus the hand tools manufacturers have to turn out many products as there is always a demand for the hand tools in the market.

The hand tools exporters in India also possess a sound economy as there is always a demand for the hand tools in the market in every part of the world. Hence, in this way hand tools play a very major role in our daily lives which cannot be replaced by any other inventions made in the future.

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