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This time when you are planning on a vacation, make sure to read this article before you decide where to go and what to do. Wherever it is that you’re planning your next beach holiday, we want you to stop and consider heading down South, within our beautiful country to the Andamans and exploring the astounding Havelock Island. Havelock Island is Mother Nature’s way of gently nudging all of us into believing that pristine white sands, aquamarine waters and kind people still exist. The epitome of relaxation, Havelock has lots to offer from gorgeous dive sights and beautiful forests to a plethora of diverse birds and even an elephant who loves to swim in the sea.

Havelock is popularly known as a travellers’ paradise what with its sublime, white-sand beaches, shimmering, aquamarine shallows and undoubtedly some of the best dive sites in South Asia. To many, Havelock is synonymous with the Andamans. There’s a ton of stuff to do here from going in for that first dive to walking around the lush green forests.

  1. Scuba Dive/Snorkel

Havelock is blessed with a rich ecosystem, warm waters and beautiful coral. You could go Scuba diving and snorkeling and have well trained instructors who ensure a great experience even for non-swimmers and first time divers.

  1. Radhanagar Beach

Picture talcum white sand and topaz waters and that’s exactly what you get here in Havelock Island. The current is gentle and playful and has ideal swimming conditions. No pictures can ever do justice to what you discover at this beautiful beach. TIME magazine has named Havelock’s Radhanagar Beach the seventh most beautiful beach in the world.

  1. Elephant Beach

The best snorkel spot in all of Havelock Island is the Elephant Beach and this experience will transform you. The water is rich with colorful coral, sea cucumbers, fish of all shapes and sizes. It’s pretty much like entering Nemo Land. The water is crystal clear and filled with the colors of the ocean. From orange clown fish to multi-colored sea anemone to pink star fish, witness the ocean’s palette in all its glory. The only way to get to Havelock Island is through a ferry from Port Blair. There are both government and private ferries. All private ferries are air-conditioned which makes for a great, luxury experience. If you choose to go by the government ferries, make sure you book well in advance. You will share the ferry ride with the locals and the great part is that you get to go out and breathe in the fresh air and watch flying fish as they skim past you on the inky blue waters.

Havelock Island is blessed with rich soil and a tropical climate which means lots of fresh fruits, greens and vegetables. The island is lush with coconuts and fish. The white snapper, slow cooked in banana leaves, is a specialty you cannot miss. Cuisine here is highly influenced by the Bengalis and you get plenty of fresh fruit juices and smoothies. There are loads of tiny cafes that cater to the Indian palette. Due to the constant flow of foreigners, there are plenty of cute eateries that serve everything from an English breakfast to aloo paratha. There is just one liquor store on the Havelock island right next to the only bank there. The alcohol is tax free and there’s no limit to the quantity you wish to buy.

Book well in advance as there are only limited private and government ferries. There are plenty of options to stay at Havelock Island. The best time to visit Havelock Island is between the months of October and April. A light breeze cocoons you all through the winter months. November to January is peak season time in Havelock. Just let go of all those business class flights and those strict meetings that have taken up a lot of your time. Go for some last minute flights and make some sudden plans to this place and let yourself cross the rules that you have set for yourself. Make the most of this time and come out of your stress. Holidaying isn’t a bad thing really. You deserve it.

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