Healthy teeth and gums – nutrients and foods you should take

Teeth are as important part of the body as any other. They need care in the same manner as any other body part would do. In fact, you need to follow a daily regimen of oral care to ensure perfect dental health. Which means, you need to brush, floss and clean the tongue regularly.

Will all these care and routines be sufficient to ensure healthy teeth and gums? No, they are just one aspect of oral care. So, what is the other one? Well, it’s your diet. Foods have a huge impact on the kind of dental health you’d possess.

Foods and your dental health 

Many people follow a perfect oral hygiene routine yet fail to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Why? Because, they are not aware about the harms and benefits to teeth due to foods.

You should know that –

  • Foods give nourishment to teeth and gums in the same manner as they do to any other body parts
  • Foods enrich the body with right nutrients and elements to enable perfect dental health
  • Some foods and drinks (those rich in sugars and acids) can damage teeth and gums if consumed regularly
  • Some foods are good for your dental health (including those rich in minerals and vitamins)
  • Your diet will keep cavities, periodontal diseases and other dental issues away

Nutrients and foods for healthy teeth and gums

The health of your teeth and gums will depend a lot on the kind of diet you follow or the type of foods you eat. Unless these foods are consumed, you can’t expect to get perfect dental health.

Here are nutrients and foods needed for healthy teeth and gums –


Calcium is a vital element to keep the teeth healthy and stronger. It’s needed to keep the mineral-rich enamel as vigorous as it should be. Some of foods to get calcium include yogurt, cheese, milk, almonds, seafood and tofu.


Phosphorous is as much important for your teeth and enamel as calcium. So, enrich your diet with fish, eggs, broth and read met to meet the need of calcium.

#High water content  

Dentists recommend eating more of hard and crunchy foods that have high water content. These foods work as a natural neutralizer as well as an abrasive element to help you in many ways. Some of foods under this category include celery, apples, cucumbers and carrots.

#Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium in a better way so, is vital for dental health as well as overall health. To get this vitamin, take ample of sunlight and eat more of fish, egg and yolks.

#Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important to keep gums healthy by keeping it away from sensitivity, inflammation and periodontal diseases. To get this vitamin, eat more of oranges, kiwi, strawberries and broccoli.


A diet rich in antioxidants helps you protect gums and deliver you perfect dental health. Some of foods to get antioxidants include apples, berries, grapes and   beans.


Your diet should include more of fermented foods like yogurt to get the supply of probiotics and help fight plaque and promote healthy gums.


Eat more of berries, grapes and cherries and get the body anthocyanin and stop plaque from attaching to teeth.


Fight the risk of cavities by eating more of meat, nuts and soy and get the body the vital amino acid, arginine.

 In overall, you should be careful about your diet and foods. To know more about the subject, fix a meeting with dentist Bushwick and ensure healthy teeth and gums.

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