herbal juice for kidney stone

Herbal Juice: An easy way to cure Kidney stone

There are many people these days who suffer from a kidney stone. The Allopathic medicines have die effects, and hence there are many people who love to go for the home remedies that can help one who suffers from this disease. The Ayurveda have some effective options that can help the user in case of disease of kidney stone. The Ayurveda has some effective options that one can try and get the healthy and better life. The herbal juice is one of the beautiful options that one can try to have better health and avoid the kidney stone.

Due to less consumption of water and dehydration, there is deposition of salts and minerals in the kidneys. These on accumulating over time takes the form of stones which causes a lot of pain in the abdomen and if not treated can lead to renal failure. There are a number of natural and herbal ways to treat kidney stones. Apart from having loads and loads of water, there is also herbal juice for kidney stone:

  • If you mix one teaspoon of basil or tulsi juice with a teaspoon of honey and consume it every morning, your urinary track will be clear of stones. This allows a free passage of urine, therefore, stopping further deposition.
  • Watermelon and Pomegranate juices give your body an ample supply of water, therefore, keeping you hydrated. Tomato juice with a pinch of pepper and salt dissolves the calcium depositions from the kidney.
  • Any edible having citric acid facilitates the dissolving of the depositions. For example vinegar, lemon, apple cider, etc.
  • Asparagus, dandelion root, celery, lavender, and knotgrass are a few herbs that help to treat kidney stones. With a bit of homemade treatment, these herbal tonics can work wonders.

Availability of Aloe Vera Juice:

Aloe vera juice made of Aloe vera paste and water is helpful in having a properly working digestive system. It helps a constipation patient along with better bowel movements. A natural cleansing catalyst also enhances your digestion and absorption. It recovers the stomach linings if they are red and swollen. It improves the working of the immunity system along with maintaining blood pressure levels, therefore, making you less prone to heart attacks and strokes.

It is not always possible to make homemade tonics and juices as they are natural remedies for the treatment of your ailments. It takes a lot of time and investment of energy. If you are a busy person want to purchase Aloe Vera juice, you can have them made available at your doorstep by ordering them online. There are many sellers who offer this juice to the clients. The online shopping sites and manufacturer portals offer one with a large number of options from different brands selling their products at different prices. You can scroll through the options, compare the products and prices and decide which suits your purpose. You can also try and purchase of aloe vera juice from ayurvedic medicine shops available nearby, but the internet would definitely provide you with a large number of choices.

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