High Voltage Insulating Mats: An Overview

high-voltage insulation mats

Insulation is one of the major aspects of the industries where electricity plays an important role. If the insulation is improper, it can cause severe injuries and it can even lead to death. So if you want to ensure that your workplace is safe and secure, choose high voltage insulating mats. Since high voltage electrical insulating mats have excellent insulation properties, they are considered as the best options that ensure safety against electrocution and high voltage. Generally, the manufacturers and the suppliers who design the electrical insulating mats, follow certain guidelines that are proposed by International Standards. By maintaining the guidelines, they offer the most convenient insulation solutions. These mats are specially designed to provide safety to technicians who are exposed to the high voltage equipment or leakage current.

What is high voltage insulation mats?

High voltage insulation mats are comparatively thin and they are made of elastomeric polymer materials that have high insulation resistance. They are manufactured as per the latest International Standard.

Electrical safety mats are made with PVC or Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is the third largest material in the world. This polymer has good insulation properties. Due to few features of PVC, the electrical insulating mats are considered to be the safest.

  • Since the dielectric constant in PVC is constant, it blocks the electric current to a significant extent
  • The polyvinyl chloride also has volume resistivity and high dielectric loss tangent value.
  • It is much more durable than other materials

The uses of electrical mats:

The electrical mats are basically used for covering the floor behind the control panels. They are installed to offer safety and security while operating electrical equipment due to the risk of leakage of current. They are manufactured by using the elastomer that is latex, rubber and elastomeric compounds (elastomeric compounds can be synthetic, natural or the mixture of both).

The application area for High voltage insulating mats:

The application areas of high voltage electrical insulating mats include but are not limited to:

  • Electrical substations
  • Near HT/LT Control Panels
  • In front of the switchboards
  • Around the busbars
  • Generator, transformers and lift rooms
  • Indoor and outdoor On-site use on Live equipment

The designs of the high voltage insulation mats:

These mats are designed by using the elastomer and synthetic polymers. The materials do not produce any static electricity on the mats in any possible manner. Thus, these mats offer better protection than the other mats.

How are high Voltage insulating mats superior to the conventional rubber mats?

The high voltage insulating mats are different from the traditional rubber mats in many ways.

  • While electrical insulating mats are highly electrical insulation resistant, the traditional rubber mats are poorly electrical insulation resistant.
  • The high voltage insulation mats are 100% shock proof under the leakage of current. On the other hand, the conventional mats are highly unsafe in case of the leakage of electricity.
  • While the electrical insulating mats are fire retardant, the traditional mats are fire encouraging that means they are highly fire-prone.
  • The electrical mats are acid, alkali, diesel, and transformer oil proof, but the conventional mats are adversely affected by acid, alkali, diesel, and transformer oil.
  • The former one is moisture proof while the latter one absorbs moisture.
  • The high voltage electrical mats are washable and they are easy to clean, but the traditional rubber mats cannot be cleaned.

electrical insulating mats

The benefits of high-voltage insulation mats:

Electrical safety is a major concern for all the employees and professionals who are associated with the industry. There are a number of electrical insulation mats manufacturers and suppliers who offer the best quality electrical insulation mats at the most competitive prices. These mats are environment-friendly and offer a number of benefits to the users. Only a few of them are discussed below:

1. Cost-effectiveness: The first and foremost reason behind the popularity of the electrical insulating mats is that they are highly cost-effective. This helps the employers to install them in the industry and ensure safety & security of their employees.

2. Flexibility: Since electrical insulating mats are acid, alkali, diesel, and transformer oil proof and even 100% shock proof; they can be installed in any dangerous place.

3. Vibrant colors: The high voltage insulating mats are available in different colors. So you can choose a mat of your favorite color.

4. Durability:  These types of mats are highly durable. In fact, it is said that installing electrical insulating mats are a one-time investment.

5. Easily washable: One of the best qualities of electrical insulating mats is that they can be washed easily.

6. Safety: The most important reason for installing electrical insulating mats in the industry is to ensure the safety of the employees.

So, what are you waiting for? Install electrical insulating mats in your workplace and experience all the benefits for years.

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