Hilux Electronic Actuator – Types, Safety, Functions & Environmental Protection

Before knowing about the types and metrics of performance of an actuator, you should know what it actually is. An Actuator is a part of the machine, the work of which is to control or move a system or a machine. For example: – a valve.

It requires two things to perform. One is the signal to control and the other is the origin of energy. The energy at the source of control requires comparatively less energy. This can be a voltage which runs with the help of electricity or electric current or may be with the help of human power or hydraulic power or by pneumatic. Whereas the main source of energy can be the pressure of hydraulic fluid or pneumatic pressure or an electric current. The actuator responses only after it receives the signal of control and then it converts the energy received from the signal to a mechanical motion.

The Hilux electronic actuator is the mechanism that is needed by a system of control to response according to an environment. The controlling system can be a simple thing which shall be an electronic system or an immovable mechanism, such as, a system controlled by a robot or a printer driver which is mainly based on software. This controlling system may also be a human or some other type of input.

Actuators are not at all new. It dates back to around 1938 during the Second World War. It was invented by Xhiter Anckeleman. He created it by using his knowledge about engines and the system of brakes. This helped him to invent something new which will help the car to use the maximum force and without the fear of any damage or breakage.

Types of Hilux Electronic Actuator

There are some different types of Hilux electronic actuators, namely, hydraulic actuator, pneumatic actuator, electric actuator, twisted and coiled polymer actuator or supercoiled polymer actuator, thermal actuator or magnetic actuator and mechanical actuator.

Actuators are a vital part of passenger vehicles and business cars.

Safety Measures

Nowadays, you will find actuators with different kinds of designs. These actuators are so made that it acts as a safety measure for the car and its passengers and also assists in different possible functions. Hilux electronic actuators are the medium through which a driver is offered with assistance when a vital situation arises.  This helps to ignore any accident or help to control the severity of an accident.

Functions of an Actuator

Actuators are a vital part of a car which consists of an electric control system. These are common in business vehicles and in passenger cars. The main function of an actuator is to convert the signals it receives from the source of electricity from the control unit of the car to action or movement. These are mainly electro-magnetic valves or electric motors. It is used in adjusting the flaps, that is, to make the fluid flow or to build up the pressure by actuating the pumps. For example: – the steering system or in the brakes.

The work of the actuator in the engine control system is to regulate the exact speed, to control the air flaps for torque, to optimize the power and to meter the fuel for an optimum combustion.

Protecting Environment

The use of a powerful and strong Hilux electronic actuator helps to supply an exact quantity of fuel in the engine with a perfect precision and thus control an accurate supply of fresh air. It also helps in the exhaustion of the gas and re-circulates it, thus optimizing the performance.

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