How a Lawyer can Help You Save Your Money in a Divorce

Most of us see marriage as a lifelong commitment when we get married. However, all too often this does not end up being the case. Too many marriages today end up in the courtroom or, at the very least, on a negotiating table. Divorce has become one of our modern realities, a final recourse when we can no longer resolve differences with our spouse.

One of the first steps when filing for a divorce is hiring a divorce attorney Boca Raton. A good lawyer is usually worth every penny you spend on him/her. A divorce can often end up being quite expensive, especially if you were the breadwinner with a good income. But there are always means to limit the damages.

Here are some ways the attorney can help you achieve this:

Get a prenuptial agreement: A good attorney will advice you to get a prenuptial agreement even before you get married. Contrary to perception, these agreements are not the sole purview of the super rich. Anyone who wishes to protect their assets from being divided after marriage, can opt for such an agreement. The Uniform Pre-Marital Agreements Act in Florida sets up all the conditions required for this. Chief among these are:

  • Both parries must sign willingly on the agreement. There should be no coercion or force involved.
  • Both parties must disclose their entire financial information, supplying the other party with all the required documents.
  • There must be enough time to understand and negotiate on the agreement
  • The agreement comes into effect when the couple gets married.


A divorce attorney Boca Raton will help you draw the agreement, making sure that all parameters are covered and that your assets are adequately protected. You will again need a lawyer in case you need to negotiate on the particulars.

Define what property is: The Florida law calls for an ‘equitable’ distribution of property. This means that the court will see that each party gets a fair share. This will depend on various factors, such as standard of living, length of the marriage, the contribution of each partner to the household (this will include care of the household and children).

A divorce attorney Boca Raton will help you in determining what falls under shared property. It is also recommended that you seek legal help before filing for divorce so that you can start on the right steps in protecting your assets.

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