How Are Smart Meters Beneficial For You?

A smart meter is a gas or electricity meter that is a lot like your current meter. The difference is that it sends your meter readings to your energy company electronically.

Smart meters send an electronic meter reading to the energy company once a month, so that they can get a proper picture of the amount of energy that you are using. They do this using GPRS technology, just like mobile phones. When a smart meter links up wirelessly with their energy monitor, called a smart energy display, you’ll also get a much better picture of your energy use. This helps you in keeping track of your spending. Here are some of the various benefits of a smart meter:

  • Smart meters save you time: With smart meters, your meter readings will be sent to your energy company electronically. This means that there is nothing for you to do. You won’t have to find your meter each month or you won’t even have to let a stranger in to come and read your meter. Your energy company will just send a technician around every couple of years to make sure that your meter is working properly.
  • Smart meters give more control over the way you use your energy: By using smart meters and smart energy display, you can track your energy in pounds and pence, kilowatt hours, or even see your carbon emissions. You can find out what happens to your energy use when you start cooking or play the latest console game on a big plasma screen. Whether you want to cook a meal in one pot instead of having a few hobs running on the cooker, or turn off your TV if it’s on standby- all of that is really up to you. Once you can see how you are using energy, you can then start to budget.
  • Smart meters help reduce energy bills: Smart meters don’t directly reduce your bill. But they can give you lots of information, shown on your smart energy display to help you reduce your costs. You can set daily budgets in pounds and pence, so that you know how much you are spending and when you have reached your daily limits. From the coloured lights on the display, you can find out when your house is starting to use a lot of energy, so you can switch a few things off to save money.

When you get a smart meter with your energy company, you will also get a smart energy display. The smart energy display is an energy monitor that works with a smart meter. It communicates with your smart meter to show you how you use energy. You’ll need to plug it in, so it needs to be placed near a socket. The display also needs to be close enough to your smart meter so it can get information. Like a mobile phone, the display has bars so you can check if you have got a good signal between devices.

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