How Can Lifestyle Changes Prevent One-Third of Dementia Cases?

Have you encountered your elder ones facing memory loss? Are they suffering from issues like difficulty in thinking, problem-solving? If yes, then there might be chances that they have Dementia.

Are you aware of the disease “Dementia”?

Dementia is not particularly a disease, but it is an overall term that defines a range of symptoms associated with brain and its abilities.

Some of the symptoms are a problem in concentrating, the issue in judging distance, memory loss, frequent changes in mood.

And the sad news is, these symptoms get worse with time.

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There are many types of dementia such as Alzheimer disease (caused by damage to nerve cells), vascular disease (resulting from inadequate blood supply to the brain), mixed dementia, etc.

Although, there is no cure for this disease there are certain things which can reduce the chances of Dementia.

As per the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference report, more than one-third of dementia cases could be prevented by making slight lifestyle changes and addressing factors like diet, hypertension, depression.

As per the stats, 46.8 million people worldwide have Dementia, and it is assumed that this number can project to triple by 2050. This figure can be reduced to a very significant level by making lifestyle changes.

As per the report, nine risk factors increases chances of Dementia. These factors are hypertension, obesity, smoking, depression, social isolation, physical inactivity, diabetes, hearing loss and no secondary school education.

Researchers believe that by working on these factors in addition to some drugs, chances of Dementia can be decreased.

If you are worried for your elder one, then make these changes in their lifestyle and rest assured that their risk of Dementia has been decreased to a significant level.

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Here are some changes:

  1. Keep them physically Active:

Make your elder ones go for a walk for at least 30 minutes daily.

And not only walk, but they can also go for swimming, cycling, gym or dance or whatever activity they like. The primary motive is that elderlies should do some physical activity.

It is very good for their overall wellness also.

  1. Make them Social:

Ask your elder ones to participate in social gatherings. They should get a chance to pour their heart in front of their friends.

It is very important to empty the emotional baggage.

They should visit people or join a club. Speaking their heart out, talking and sharing things with people around will make them feel light and joyful.

  1. Make Them Eat Healthy Diet:

Keenly observe that your elder one is eating healthy diet such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, etc.

Make sure that they are taking the nutritious diet.

Cut down sugary cakes, biscuits, beverages from their diet. Also, keep an eye on salt intake.

  1. Limit Their Alcohol & Smoke:

Smoking and drinking alcohol is not good for your elder’s health.

Keep their alcohol and smoke within recommended limits.

Exceeding these limits can increase the risk of Dementia.

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  1. Brain Exercise:

Activities like solving puzzles, crosswords, playing cards, reading, etc. are very good for the brain.

They can play any other game also which involves mind exercise.

All they need is to make their brain active.

So, these are five changes they should make in their lifestyle to reduce the risk of Dementia.

And if your elder one is already suffering from Dementia, hiring in-home caregiver services is an appealing proposition to choose.

They are experts in helping Dementia patients so that they can live a quality life and that too with dignity.

I would love to hear from you.

Share your experience with me and tell me how an elderly care service has helped/helping your elder one.

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