How can Lord Krishna Paintings Spiff up your Room Space?

India, being a nation of rich history and many ethnicities, holds a plethora of affluent artwork.

What is your favourite genre of Art? Is it the modern paintings, contemporary pieces of art or religious artworks? Whatever it may be, each genre has a legacy of its own.

Like, when you look at the aesthetically carved Lord Krishna Paintings, what are your thoughts? It must be love, warmth, compassion, and kindness.

After all, these are the traits the great avatar of Lord Vishnu is most popularly known for.

Krishna is a known name in India. People of diverse religion somewhere in their life must have heard the tales of Lord Krishna atleast once. Such was his greats.

Indian is known to give birth to artists who dedicatedly offer their life to craft the majestic artworks of Lord Krishna for centuries. And this is why there are such exquisite pieces of Krishna paintings available today.

Few of the conventional paintings styles based on Lord Krishna are still practiced in the parts of India. And why not, Lord Krishna is most of the people’s favourite deity of all time.

  • As an art lover, getting your hands on Lord Krishna paintings may offer you an opportunity to freshen up the aura of your room.
  • Be it an office’s wall space or for home décor purpose, Krishna paintings are known to provide a serene and placid ambience.
  • As I said, India leverages on the art & cultural inheritance, paintings of Lord Krishna holds some magnificent pieces of artwork.

Before we see some astounding Krishna paintings, let’s first see what impact do these artworks have on your room’s scent?

How Krishna Paintings beautify the entire aura?

Krishna paintings are known to sober up your consciousness and offer you a warmth in your heart. Like if you observe the eye of Krishna in the artwork, you would deep inside your soul feel a revival of light.

This feeling of rekindling the spirit up is generally accomplished by the people who meditate. Some of the Krishna paintings also showcase a peacock with a beautiful feather, which signifies the immersion of one’s soul in divinity.

Not only the observer but the artisans itself have admitted that they feel that their mind was elevated while they were preparing a painting of Krishna.

One great thing creativity does is that it brings people of similar frequency together. That is what Lord Krishna paintings are all about; love, creativity, and divinity.

Apart from these characteristics, Krishna was also known for his gracefulness and charisma. Artists ensure to depict the great charming trait of Krishna beautifully in their paintings.

Let us now take a glimpse of few of the most famed Lord Krishna Paintings available today.

Famous Krishna Paintings to adorn your home

You may be seeking a suitable Krishna painting for your home wall space but are not able to choose the correct one.

To your luck, I am going to talk about some of the known Lord Krishna artworks that you can acquire today:

Basohli Paintings

Originated in the mountainous valley of India, Basohli paintings have been known to reflect the love between Radha and Krishna through colours and designs.

First started in Jammu & Kashmir region, this art form also praised Krishna via paintings drawn by artists throughout various generations. Inspired by Jayadevas ‘Gita Govinda’ these Krishna paintings can really spruce up the entire environment of your room.

Uttar Pradesh Paintings

Who does not know about the “Ras Lila” of Krishna with gopis. We all are familiar with it. Krishna used to perform the dance with gopis and artists have captured this moment many times with some beautiful pieces of paintings.

These paintings are quite famously available in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. You can place these appealing and colourful paintings in your living room to beautify the entire vibe.

Pattachitra Paintings

The term ‘patta’ refers to a canvas and ‘chitra’ means picture. Stimulated from Bhakti movement, these paintings whirl around Lord Jagannath.

Do not miss the chance to get your hands on these amazing artworks that are famed for their audacious lines and dazzling colours.

Carved from natural colours, these paintings (originated in Odisha) depict the grace of Lord Krishna and Radha quite remarkably. The rich colours and immaculate design of these paintings will provide a sense of joy, love and calmness in your room space.

Madhubani Paintings

First practiced in Bihar and few parts of Nepal, Madhubani art is known to adore Lord Krishna via numerous paintings.

Conventionally these paintings were craved on the floors and walls of huts, now, artists craft these masterpieces on cloth, canvas, and handmade paper.

The cohesive brightness of these paintings will fill your room with divinity and spiritualism.

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