How do Inbound Call Centres please Customers on the Voice Channel?

At the present time, it is believed that customers remember those companies that provide quality products and first-class support service. With time, furthermore, it is vitally important for businesses to offer splendid support service as that’s the only way to maintain the relationship with customers for a long time span.

Usually, business owners contact established inbound call centres to handle support requests because the latter has priceless experience in rendering impeccable customer care services. In addition, inbound call centres always ensure that customers get phenomenal resolutions, no matter which channel has been chosen for the support service interaction. That’s why the demand for inbound call centre services is increasing with every passing day.

The factor that draws attention towards inbound call centres is their capability of perfectly handling customer calls. This is really crucial because handling support requests on the voice channel isn’t easy as this traditional platform experiences massive footfall of customers on a regular basis.

Do you want to know how inbound call centres delight customers on the voice channel? Read the following pointers properly:

By communicating in an effective manner

Generally, customers choose the voice channel so that they can experience the personal touch during support interactions. To give incredible support experience on the voice channel, it is vitally important to converse with customers in an effective manner. For this, support agents should possess good communication skills.

In order to ensure that customers get the best possible support experience, inbound call centres cultivate their support agents’ speaking and listening skills during the training period. In addition, quality speech training gets provided so that support agents can control their speech rate during customer interactions. This factor is prominent because the high speech rate often ruins the effectiveness of the call, which, in turn, leads to the deliverance of poor support experience. This can affect the brand image.

Another benefit of providing speech training is that support agents can easily overcome accent related problems, which consequently, improves the odds of delivering splendid support experience.

Therefore, if you want to give astounding calling experience to your customers, avail professional inbound call centre services from a reputed vendor.

By keeping the IVR system reliable    

The IVR system is the most significant part of the voice channel. It is so because whenever customers place a call, they aren’t directly connected to support agents as the former firstly has to browse the IVR menu that consists of different options for different issues.

Customers who don’t seek human interaction often get the desired resolution quickly by selecting an appropriate option. This brings two major benefits — reduce the average number of requests and lift the customer experience.

Inbound call centres always make sure that the IVR system is optimised because if customers encounter any problem while looking for the desired option, this will not only ruin the calling experience but also lead to negative WOM.

“How do call centre outsourcing companies optimise the IVR system?”

Here’s how:

  • Survey results get checked so that fundamental options could be added to the IVR menu.
  • Unnecessary options get removed from the IVR menu so as to reduce its complexity.
  • During monthly meetings, support agents are invited to give valuable suggestions regarding how to improve the IVR system.

By reducing the call queue length

As per the reports, the voice channel gets preference from 60% of customers. That’s the main reason why maximum support interactions take place on the voice channel. During the peak hours, the volume of customer calls gets increased to a large extent. Consequently, this leads to long call queue that isn’t good from customers’ perspective.

To maintain the customer satisfaction score, inbound call centres strive to reduce the average length of call queues. This factor is highly important because maximum callers put the phone down after waiting for 2 minutes. In addition, 34% of them won’t even call again to get the issues resolved. This, as a negative outcome, may lead to a high customer turnover.

Here’re some measures that inbound call centres take to reduce the average call queue length:

  • A call-back option gets added to the IVR menu.
  • Support service reps get managed according to the traffic of customer calls.
  • Reliable knowledge base gets used so that customer interactions could be concluded swiftly.
  • Agents are allowed to escalate customer calls to their seniors if the issue is consuming too much time.

Hence, if you really want to make sure that your customers get a prompt response after making a call, it is advisable to avail inbound call centre services from a recognised vendor.

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