Big Data Analytics

How does learning big data help your career?

Big data professionals today enjoy unparalleled demand. This is mostly because of the fact that the companies have come to realize the real worth of data. Sifting through and analyzing structured and unstructured data can provide an enterprise with insights that lead to profitable actions. It is a vastly opportune field and one may get a chance of getting into this industry by undergoing a big data analytics course.

Why to learn big data

Organizations increasingly and consistently need to analyze information to make decisions for achieving greater profits, productivityand efficiency. As relational databases have grown in size to satisfy these requirements, organizations have also looked at other technologies for storing vast amounts of data. These new systems come under the umbrella term “Big Data”. Learning the basics has become almost compulsory for all IT professionals, but the major task has to be under taken only by a “Data Professional”. Here in lies the necessity for big data courses.For, once you are a certified big data professional there is no stopping one from earning a huge career growth, given the present scenario. The dearth of data scientists in Malaysia is another big reason for the big data analytics courses to flourish. Malaysia has determined to create 1500 data science professionals by 2020. This number might not be sufficient to support the growing data analytics market of the nation. The data analytics institutes can have a great impact in this respect.

What does a big data course focus on?

The training courses focus on the “Must Know” concepts of Data Analytics for students as well as professionals who are working in different domains, to embark into the globe’s leading profession – Data Science. The training is focused on providing knowledge on all the key techniques such as Regression Analysis, most widely used Statistical Analysis, Data Mining, Unsupervised learning techniques, Machine Learning. The named techniques are explained using the best data science tools in the industry – Hadoop, R, Python, Tableau, Spark etc. Training on how to extract useful information from data and increase the ROI of a business is the sole aim of all the Big Data Analytics Courses.

Why is data analyst such an important role?

The term big data has come into being owing to the ever increasing volume of digital information. The concept of analyzing data to understand and improve business was there since the very beginning of businesses. Now, the advanced tools and techniques cater to the need of handling such large amounts of data. It is said that you cannot determine whether a data set is good or bad until you need it. So the job of a data analyst does not end at organizing data and finding patterns from it. He or she must also establish the effectiveness of the insights.

10 terabytes of data are produced during the flight of an airplane from New York to London.  US stock markets collect 2.5 petabytes of transactional data in an hour. Nearly 10,000 credit card transactions are made every second. Well, there is clearly too much data around, and all of this information can answer some question or the other. The business world cannot stop hiring data analysts so why don’t you get yourself ready for one of the numerous vacancies!

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