How Online Counselling Can Help With Relationship Stress

Struggling to cope with problems in your relationship? Read this article to find out how online counselling can actually help with relationship issues.

There are many instances where couples can find themselves having issues that complicate the relationship and make it stressful. Some of these are communication break downs, money pressures, sexual incompatibility, lost the ‘spark’, infidelity, imbalance of power, lack of trust, living separate lives, problems with extended family, empty nest and adjusting to major change, adjusting to parenthood, and different ideas of child rearing, friends and finances for example.

The use of Online Counselling services is becoming increasingly accepted as it offers opportunity to receive psychological support outside usual business hours and without the hassle of travelling time.

Many counsellors use Acceptance and Commitment therapy is excellent for helping clients with relationship issues. We show clients how by avoiding and struggling with relationship issues and behaviour rather than practicing acceptance and mindfulness to ease tension this creates additional issues. We then work with clients to show to explore the techniques and strategies they may have been using to try to control the situation or agenda. This part of acceptance and commitment therapy is called creative hopelessness and we examine

  • What have you tried in your relationship to control things or situations?
  • How has that worked for you in the short term? And in the medium term?
  • What have the costs been both emotional and physical?
  • What’s that like for you?
  • Are you open to trying something different?


Then we ask clients to consider what their values are and they are acting in accordance with their values in their relationships. For example if a client has their value ‘to be a loving and supportive husband/wife’ then what actions are they taking that are aligning themselves with their actions.

We also teach clients the principals of L.O.V.E. This works as follows:

L – is letting go of resentment, blaming, criticising and demanding

O – is about opening up and allowing difficult thoughts and feelings to be present without struggling with them

V –Values and how we become who we want to be when we take committed action that is in accordance with our values such as caring, contributing, connecting

E – is about engaging and being present and available in relationships

Author Bio: Matthew Reynolds is a professional counsellor and here, he writes about the benefits of Online Counselling to assist with issues around relationshoips. To find out more about Counseling Services, read his articles.

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