How to Detect Termites in Your House

Imagine if termites knocked on your door declaring their arrival! How easy it would have been for you to know their existence in your home, isn’t it? However, these are one cunning ant species which act secretly to achieve their destructive goal. You won’t get a slight hint and your priceless belongings would turn hollow right under your nose. Yes, there are some highly efficient way of controlling termites but it is not possible until and unless you detect them. Regular inspections by a reputed termite pest control company in Central Coast can help identify the existence of white ants in your house.

Other than professional assistance, there are easy and effective ways to detect termites. We have discussed some for you here. Keep reading!

Want to detect termites? – Inspect!

Undoubtedly, asking an experienced pest control inspector to look out for termites is important. However, between the annual periods of your regular checks, you need to be active enough to look out for supportive symptoms of termite existence.

  • Damaged timber or the one producing a hollow sound when tapped

Termites have a tendency to eat up your house from within, without revealing the effect on the surface. It is therefore suggested to look for cracked areas in your house mainly split or cracked areas around cornices, skirting boards and window sills.

  • Piles of soil near woodwork

Termites create small holes in the wood to eliminate droppings and waste. The process of timber excavation is visible as small piles on the surrounding surfaces.

  • Mud tunnels

White ants or termites built mud tunnels to have a warm environment with appropriate humidity and temperature. Through these mud tunnels, they freely move towards their fod source from the secret nests. The next time you see a mud tunnel around your house, understand it’s a creation of the hidden termites.

  • justifyover wings

Usually the feathered young termites leave in group towards the food source. As a result, there are large quantities of wings justify behind. This can be a strong evidence of their presence. Watch out carefully!

  • Unusual noise from floor boards and wall cavities

If you hear a soft humming sound through the wall cavity, these are probably termites. It might the sound of munching timber or head tapping on the tunnel walls to connect with the colony members. This noise could be evident of thousands of termites in vicinity.

If you are too busy to check for these signs, you always have the chance of hiring termite control services from a reputed company or know about some home remedies to get rid of termites.

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