How to Study abroad without breaking the bank?

Financial management is very important to look for while studying abroad as it can get really bad if you don’t take enough precautions before you can go broke during your studies abroad. It’s the first thing that you might want to look for if you seriously don’t want to end up taking any bank loans for your daily expenses. Get help of global educational consultancy.  As a student you feel the need of spending a lot of money on clothing or restaurants or any other things that interest you, but if you are on a tight budget you might want to cut out all these to save some penny. You will soon start to learn the value of saving money.

Maintain your budget

Calculate your monthly expenses along with your college tuition fees, and other grocery items that you buy every month, note it down on a piece of paper. Stick to this fixed budget plan and promise yourself not to exceed your expenses more than the required budget.

Maintaining your health expenses

You never know until something bad happens to you. If you don’t have a health insurance cover then you might have to spend thousands and thousands of money, as we all know health expenses is never cheap. On the other hand if you have minor health problems you might want to look for the campus physician instead of going to the doctor in town, because it will be a lot cheaper than usual.


As a student you are constantly going to classes, you might spend a few bucks on busses or other public transport. But most students usually get bus passes; you could also buy yourself a bicycle this is going to save you a lot of money from taking the public transport. That would be a great idea to improve your health as well, or you could take a walk if your college is close by to where you live.

Saving study resources

Buying study materials and resources is never cheap; if you have good relation with your seniors in college it will be easy for you to borrow books from them. Or you could always look for online free resources they are valuable to. The other thing you could do is look for discount books in the store where ever available, by this way you will be able to save few amount of money from buying highly priced books.

Having side by side income

You might want to try taking up part time jobs nearby. For example you could work as a waiter at a restaurant or you could work part time at your college library. Another thing you could do is taking internship on the related field of your choice, you even get professional experience and this can help you prepare for your future job interview as well. You can consult with the overseas education consultants in NCR. A smart financial management can always save you tons of money; you just have to know the right way to spend your money to save yourself from breaking the bank while studying abroad.

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