Is it possible to secure High FCR Rate on the Voice Channel?

The voice channel is the support medium that gets preference from maximum customers. Owing to this, businesses generally encounter colossal call traffic that is not easy to handle. To keep a strong relationship with customers, business owners often decide to outsource call centre services.

For keeping customers connected with the business for a long time, it is significant to offer the best possible solutions during their first support service interaction. On voice channel, however, this isn’t easy to do so due to the high footfall of customers.

By writing this blog, we would tell 3 easy-peasy ways that would help to secure high FCR rate on the voice channel. So, let’s get started.

  • Monitor repetitive calls

To secure high FCR rate, it is crucial to monitor the rate of repetitive calls. This is so because repetitive calls increase the average number of customer service queries, which consequently, reduces the odds of achieving high FCR rate. In simple words, first call resolution rate is indirectly proportional to the number of repetitive calls.

Apart from reducing FCR rate, repetitive calls also make a big negative impact on the business’s reputation and lead to high customer defection.

Therefore, it is significant for companies that are running an in-house call centre to keep a close eye on the average number of repetitive calls. For this, repeat call tracking technology should be used. In addition, it would be very easy to identify those customers who are contacting repeatedly via different channels if the CRM system gets integrated with repeat call tracking technology.

Once the problem of repetitive calls gets resolved, FCR rate is more likely to amplify.

  • Offer self-service

To secure better FCR rate on the telephone support medium, it is imperative to offer the self-service facility to customers. It is so because if customers weed out trivial issues by themselves, the average call volume gets reduced to a great extent. This, as a positive consequence, would allow agents to spend little bit more time while solving complex issues, which automatically increases the chances of achieving high FCR rate.

In addition, 60% of customers also want companies to offer self-service so that the former doesn’t have to be dependent on support agents for the resolution of minor problems.

So, if you want to ensure smooth growth for your business, offer a reliable self-service facility to customers. Or if you don’t want to take any chances, outsource call centre services as soon as possible.

  • Keep all the information at one place

Usually, support agents try their best while providing assistance, but sometimes customers feel ‘Not satisfied’ with the given solution of intricate issues. Because of this, customers contact again, thereby, average FCR rate decreases. Therefore, satisfactory resolutions are crucial to offer.

Here, the need for a reliable knowledge base arises. What’s that? Well, knowledge base means keeping all the information (related to products or services) at one place. Needless to say, if customer service reps have required information on their fingertips, they are more likely to boost the FCR rate.

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