Kaizen Consulting – Slow and Continuous Business Improvement Technique

It is observed that the corporate business organizations now prefer to avail Kaizen consulting services for improving the operations as well as productivity. Basically, Kaizen is not a strategy to achieve a specific goal. Rather it is a practice which ensures continuous improvements in the organization. This Japanese term helps in improving every aspect or functioning of a company.

Employees of all level take part in the Kaizen events in order to assure the proper effectiveness of Kaizen practice. Kaizen practices have greatly helped many organizations in improving their internal working mechanisms. Remember, if your internal structure of the business is not as per the requirements, then there won’t be any value to the outer success.

It is the employees, who highly contribute towards the productivity of an organization. But what if the employees start losing their skills? Keeping this consideration in mind, the reputed organizations showed a keen interest in improving the skills as well as knowledge of the employees. Indeed, Kaizen is something that is important for every organization. Let’s understand the importance of Kaizen consulting in depth.

Importance of Kaizen in organizations

  • Identifying the threats and problems –

Every working environment has some issues, which reduce the productivity. The experienced kaizen consultants keenly analyze the entire process of production and operations and thus discover the potential threats. Apart from identifying the threats, the consultants also resolve the issues in their own style.

  • Reducing the waste in the production cycle –

It is very important to ensure that everything is working perfectly, or else the overall productivity of the workflow cycle will be affected. But again, there will be wastage for sure in the ecosystem. This is the reason, the consultants scan every element or resources involved in the production and accordingly eliminate the waste.

  • Proper management of employees, capital, and production capacity –

With Kaizen practices; it is really convenient to keep an eye on the performance of the employees. The waste resources are eliminated from the work process while the eligible employees are retained. The Kaizen also helps in managing the expenditures of an organization as well as the production capacity. So, the overall productivity of an organization can be easily manipulated by Kaizen.

  • Transformation of existing procedures or strategies –

If the existing business modules are not productive, then the Kaizen practices help in transforming the business strategies. The main objective of introducing Kaizen practices in organizations is to ensure feasible methodologies for the development of the organization.

  • Ensure small and effective improvements –

Though the improvements are small with Kaizen practice, they are very effective. You can say that your organization will be now subjected to continuous improvement without any difficulties.

With all these above facts, it is true that Kaizen consulting is really important for an organization. There are many service providers in the local market, which are offering Kaizen consultation services in a professional way. Look, it is not feasible for you to manage and optimize the Kaizen process on your own, thus, you need the help of Kaizen experts.

The reputed service providers have arranged a dedicated team of Kaizen consultants in order to reduce the worries of corporate organizations. The consultants are highly qualified and trained to initiate and conduct the Kaizen practices in the organization. From Day 1, the Kaizen consultants start their works by understanding and analyzing the working procedure.

3S of Kaizen Technique

The experienced Kaizen consultants follow the 3S Kaizen strategy in order to deal with the typical situations. Mainly the 3S practices of Kaizen include:

  1. See – In this phase, the consultants only identify or determine the cases keenly.
  2. Solve – This is the decision making phase, in which the consultants take necessary decisions for solving the issues in the work process.
  3. Sustain – To sustain in this competitive industry, it is very important to carry on the improvements on a continuous basis. Thus, the consultants restrict the re-occurrence of problems or wastes in the process.

The consultants create kaizen events with the help of this 3S strategy and attract every resource or individual to take part in the event. This Kaizen event is then modified at regular intervals to enhance the effectiveness of its modules. Mainly a kaizen event involves the following seven activities.

Activities involved in Kaizen practices

  • Determining the goals.
  • Current state documentation.
  • Brainstorming
  • Implementation and execution.
  • Follow-up strategies.
  • Presentations
  • Planning for further improvements.

So, the success of a Kaizen event depends on this above seven activities. The experienced consultants perfectly know how to manage these activities, without any error reports. But now the question is how to choose the best Kaizen consultants. There are some reputed Kaizen consulting firms which ensure you best Kaizen consultants having prior experience. Below here, some important considerations to choose the Kaizen consultants have been mentioned.

Things to consider before choosing the Kaizen consultants

  • Implementation experience –

Check the work experience of the consultants and make sure that they have worked for at least 10 Kaizen campaigns. Again, check the success rates of all the Kaizen campaigns.

  • Maturity –

It is very important to hire a matured consultant so that there won’t be any more issues in the work process. The matured Kaizen consultants know how to deal with every level of employee in the organization.

  • Communication –

The consultants are highly active in communication. They reduce the gaps in the organizations by ensuring proper communication among the employees.

  • Process management –

Some consultants are very moderate while others are hyper. Though Kaizen practice is a slow and continuous process, it is necessary to work accordingly. The decisions which are taken in hyper mood are not effective. Thus it is recommended to choose the consultants with moderate nature.

You can simply forward your request to the Kaizen consulting firms, and they will consider a Consultant as per your requirements. Before hiring the services, you need to draw a cost vs. value report, in which you have to make sure that the expenses of Kaizen practices are not affecting the productivity or value of the business.

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