Know the 7 Compelling Benefits of Installing Solid Wood Cabinets

Be rest assured when you pick kitchen cabinets made of solid wood you will be picking a material which over time will create a rich patina. As it is sensitive with regards to variations in the humidity that affects its grain and color, the cabinets will gain character and depth when the wood begins to age naturally. Amid its many benefits, cabinets made of solid wood at all times will help in imparting a feel of elegance and warmth to the kitchen and at the same time ensuring ease of maintenance. In short, this is indeed the right choice.


The Benefits in Abundance

Below are some compelling benefits of installing kitchen cabinets made of solid wood. These include,

  • Looks – It has a royal look. These cabinets are timeless, beautiful and classic with a noteworthy appearance that will boost up the worth of a property.
  • Customization – Solid wood is flexible as a result of which you can use it in myriad forms with regards to color, design, and shape. These cabinets are not labor intensive and you can get more affordable installation prices, even with customizations. Metal cabinets, on the other hand, are highly labor intensive, especially to install because of which it can be quite expensive.
  • Durability – The truth is, not every wood is made equal. On the one hand, some offer higher durability compared to others. Solid woods are highly durable and will last for a couple of years.
  • Warm And Inviting – When you step into a kitchen that has Solid Wood Cabinets it will automatically make you feel pleased, welcomed and warm with the surroundings and will be encompassed by quality. Its beauty is truly unrivaled and will give your kitchen a classic, natural and timeless look. The perfect merge of solid wood together with glossy stone countertops and gleaming steel appliances will change the atmosphere completely.
  • Selling Point – Renovating a kitchen at all times will pay off, especially if you wish to sell the home yet high-end finishes will improve home values more. When it comes to solid wood its draw is real. Most importantly, it will act as a twin investment. On the one hand, you are enhancing the pleasure of your own home while on the other hand, you are planning to pay off when you wish to move.
  • Lots of Options – If you are not satisfied with the wood’s natural look, then you can simply stain it. Wood along with being customizable with regards to size its gloss intensity and color too at the same time can be adjusted resting on your preference.
  • Cabinet Variety – Solid wood comes in assorted forms varying in durability, appearance, and cost. The wood variety outweighs other materials used for making cabinets, particularly because wood can be painted in any color that you wish to. The most common wood types used for making kitchen cabinets are as follows,
  1. Maple – It is a grainy wood that comes with a consistent color base. Maple is highly favored should one plan in painting their cabinet using a solid color.
  2. Oak – This wood is medium-light colored and compared to maple has more defined grain. This predictable wood comes with streaks and natural knots and will look excellent with that of a polish finish.
  3. Cherry – It is highly durable and capable of withstanding good share of knocks.
  4. Hickory – Durable and beautiful, is dense and has well-defined grains. This wood is ideal for people who desire a unique look.

The bottom line is, if you are impressed by the qualities of solid wood cabinets, then contact a good Cabinet Wholesaler right away.

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